A woman asks about guided imagery for chemotherapy, trying to identify the imagery she received from her oncology nurse when she was undergoing chemo treatments for newly diagnosed breast cancer. Dear Health Journeys,
Do you have a CD for chemo? My dad died in an accident, and I was diagnosed with cancer in the same week. The next week I had a mastectomy and received your CD. I am recovering at an incredible speed. Thank you so much.

Dear Roseanne,
Yes, we do. You probably got our CD from your chemo nurse, wrapped in Glaxosmithkline or Roche custom packaging. That''s how most people find out about us – through these boxes of freebies, offered through chemo units in hospitals across the country. It’s a wonderful service that these pharmas provide. We also offer it and other cancer-related CDs on our website here. We also offer it and other cancer-related CDs here.

I''m glad you''re having a speedy recovery. All best wishes to you for continued health, strength and success. And if you decide you want to keep up with your guided imagery practice long after you’re well, consider our General Wellness imagery! It’s designed to help keep the body strong and well, but there is no reference to cancer on it.

(Sorry about your Dad and the terrible week you must have had.)