A woman asks us for a recommendation for her brother’s severe, stress-induced exzema, and BR makes some suggestions Belleruth, Is there a CD you would recommend for someone with severe exzema? It is probably long-term stress induced. This is for my brother.


Dear Serena,

Even though I have nothing specific to offer you yet for skin eruptions such as exzema or psoriasis, our General Wellness would be appropriate for this, as would Relaxation and Wellness and our Relieve Stress CD set. As you mentioned, stress does seem to play a critical role, and although it may not be the underlying cause, it certainly does exacerbate it. So anything that relaxes, self-soothes, kicks the parasympathetic nervous system back into gear and returns stress levels to balance is an excellent tool.

If your brother prefers a male voice, the stress relief CDs of David Illig or Emmett Miller might be just the thing to fill the bill. And for simple meditation through the breath, Andy Weil’s CD is first rate. Do take a look at our entire selection of excellent destressing materials by going to the topic bar of our catalog page, clicking on stress in the dropdown window, and checking out everything we’ve got there.

I''ll be sure to announce when we have something more specific for skin problems, but in the meantime, this should help.

Best wishes to you and your brother.