A woman describes a magical intervention from the spirit realm while visiting a dying friend, and talks of how we must remember that immaterial assistance is available to provide some very concrete benefits.. Dear Belleruth,

A memory returns to me often. Several years ago I was surprised by a spontaneous vision during a visit to a dear friend in the hospital, who was going through the later stages of cancer and was bed-ridden and yet amazingly positive and resourceful.

I was very tired as I worked full time and was also taking care of my mother at home. I stumbled along from the parking lot towards the late-night emergency entrance and suddenly became aware I was no longer alone. There were several Native American young men dancing about me with virile exuberance. As they were spirit figures, they casually danced through solid objects like parked cars and walls. They formed a procession leading me into the hospital and down the hallways to Bill’s room. I was so enchanted, I forgot to be tired.

It wasn’t over when I got to his room. I went in to sit by his bed and watched in continued amazement as the braves danced their way into the room and it seemed obvious they were preparing it for what was to follow.

After a little while of this, they settled into a far corner of the room and I became aware of a procession of three elders walking in, to the far right corner of the room where they sat down, two elder men and one elder woman. Shortly after that, a small incense-filled bonfire lit in the corner of the room, that was not smoky but just there. Then from the wall to my right, there walked through a young Native American woman all in white with white feathers. She came up to the foot of Bill’s bed and reached her arms out, palms up, over his lower body and instantly a golden pillar of light appeared that went through his body at the creative center and up through the ceiling and down through the floor.

At this point she just looked at me and telepathically told me to share what I could of this with Bill and then the whole scene began to fade away leaving an Eagle perched on his headboard and a wolf lying calmly near his bed, on the floor like a faithful dog companion.

That was it - however it taught me that we of the western traditions are just beginning to learn of the companionship between the two sides of life for all of us, and also just beginning to understand we can ask for help in the most minute of tasks and truly receive a concrete answer or result.

So - I have followed an intuition to share this with you and again, to thank you for your very necessary work that gives so much hope and relief and also very practical results. When a Care Giver like me is entrenched in the repetitive duties of care for an elderly parent, the specter of dealing with emergencies is always a heartbeat away, and one can feel very alone and squashed by the demands. I have come to know this situation can be lifted, and there are many who might benefit from being introduced to the very real inner help that is available - which does penetrate into our physical realities with very solid assistance.

With best regards,

Angelica P.