A woman facing an upsetting surgery date gets guided imagery from her daughter and finds it helps her with all sorts of things, including pre-op anxiety, post-op pain and familial stress.. Dear Belleruth Naparstek and Health Journeys,

I had an upcoming surgery that I was very upset about. Knowing that, my daughter sent for your Surgery Pack. She had read about guided imagery in Oprah magazine. The CDs arrived 4 days before the surgery date. She was so excited about them that I had no hesitation in trying them. I was able to listen to Successful Surgery only five times.

I took the CDs with me to surgery and continued to listen after. The following is a very exciting thing that happened. My surgery began at 3:00 PM and lasted nearly four hours, beginning with complications inserting the breathing tube and ending with me being hard to awaken in post-op.

At 3:00 in the morning I was awakened to go for a walk. I had been given a pain monitor for me to use as needed, and listened to the tapes. When I felt the pain was increasing, I pushed the button for the medicine and went to my "Special Place" with my hands laying lightly on my tummy, and breathing the pain away.

When my Doctor came in to check on me, about 9:00 AM, the buzzer was on that lets the nurses know that one of the IVs is empty. When she went to find out what was empty, she discovered it was the pain medicine. She then discovered that it had never been re-connected to me after my walk at 3:00 AM. Each time I had pushed the button for meds, they went on the floor.

So, how did I manage to get through that many hours without pain meds? I was so excited. I told everyone how I was doing it myself. Well, not really myself, it was with the imagery that I had chosen to listen to. I continued to use the Surgery audio after surgery and then the Pain Relief CDs and they became my salvation.

Not only do they help me with pain as it comes, but it helps me manage the stress that surrounds me in a household of three males ages 71, 35, and 10. I was not able to stand for more than a few minutes, or to sit, lift, bend, reach, or climb stairs. The inactivity has been one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with. I vowed that I would take care of ME and follow the Doctor’s orders for the eight weeks that it will take to heal properly.

I thank my daughter for loving me enough to get me started on my very own health journey, and you all for guided imagery.

Sincerely, D.D.