A woman is shocked to learn that her "benign" lump is a stage two cancerous thyroid gland, and endures the added distress of hyperthyroidism while she undergoes treatment, but imagery helps her enormously.. Hi -- a little more than a year ago, I was wheeled into surgery for what we all thought was a routine removal of a benign lump on my thyroid. But when I came out of that surgery, it was without a thyroid and with the designation "cancer survivor,"

That "benign" lump was actually a malignant tumor, stage two. The shock of that, not to mention the severe hypothyroidism I had to endure during treatment in the weeks following the surgery were miserable. I''d never been so tired or in so much pain in my life.

A friend recommended Belleruth''s "cancer pack" and the vivid imageries, visualizations and guided meditations helped enormously. For periods after listening to the program, I had enough energy to function and was even able to keep a positive outlook (for the most part) throughout the process.

Thank you for the wonderful program -- I''m going to order the relaxation programs shortly to deal with excess stress in my life. God bless.

Virginia P.