A woman newly diagnosed with a brain tumor reports on how she struggled with intense fear, distress and insomnia until she started listening to some guided imagery given to her by a friend.. In November, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I did not want to be me and I wanted out of my own body. A friend stopped by and gave me the "successful surgery" tape. I did not have a tape player so there it sat.

The night before surgery I could not sleep because I was so afraid. On the way to the hospital I put on the tape and started feeling safer, calmer and just better.

To shorten the story, my surgery was postponed and I had another week to listen to the tapes. Everytime I was afraid, could not sleep or for any reason I would lay down and listen to your wonderful voice. It felt like you were the mother that I needed.

One week later I had the surgery with little, if any fear. I went in on Fri. morning and went home Sun morning feeling like the luckiest girl alive. I still had to have radiosurgery because the type of tumor I have (I''m counting on "had") could not be totally removed.

I continue to use your tapes and give them to everyone I know that can be helped by them. But it wasn''t just the tumor that is being healed, it''s the child, girl, women and her family. You touch many lives. More and more I know that I am held in the hands of God and I am perfectly and utterly safe--and so I am. (Ed. Note: These are the last lines of the Affirmations segment on this and many other titles.) Thank you.