A woman reports how her husband, laid off and depressed, got moving again with the help of some guided imagery, given to him by their son who used the technique when he was battling cancer... Dear Health Journeys,

My husband was laid off his job 7 months ago. At first he tried hard to find another job, but eventually he became so demoralized and depressed, he stopped looking. He also started sleeping in late and drinking more than usual. I became very concerned. So did our three teenagers.

It was my youngest, our only son, who got him guided imagery for Depression and Self-Confidence and asked him to play them, whether he listened or not. (Our son had a bout of cancer a couple of years ago, from which he is in complete remission. He was given guided imagery by his nurse and enjoyed it very much.)

I think if it had been me doing the asking, I would have gotten nowhere. But because it was our son, he couldn’t turn him down. He was touched by his concern and couldn’t bear to let him down. I was impressed with both of them!

He liked the imagery and listened to it often, at least more than twice a day. It got him moving again. He is again interviewing for jobs and doing volunteer work in our community in the meantime, which keeps him feeling useful. I am so encouraged by this, I just ordered him the Job Loss Recovery Program. Let’s see how he does with that! Whether or not he finds a job, he’s more like his old self again and for that we are all grateful.

We’ll keep you posted.

Mikey’s Mom