A woman whose daughter uses guided imagery for help with her bipolar disorder asks if there are any plans to create some imagery specifically geared toward compulsive hoarding.. Question:
Our whole family loves guided imagery, and our daughter, who is bipolar and who has had two hospitalizations, finds it especially helpful. My question: Have you thought of doing something that would help with compulsive hoarding?
J’s Mom

Dear J’s Mom,
Funny you should ask! I''m actually trying to clear away the time to write some imagery for obsessive compulsive issues this summer, and this category would include compulsive hoarding, which is more commonplace than a lot of people think.

Like panic attacks and PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorders (which are associated with both of these conditions) are on the rise. It’s not clear why, and many theories abound. But regardless of etiology, it’s a topic whose time has come. Guided imagery should be very helpful for this, especially along with some of the new energy psychology treatments . Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.