A woman with advanced gallbladder cancer asks if she should struggle to stay awake while listening to imagery, and where to find the best treatment for this kind of cancer.. Dear Belleruth,

I have been diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer since last year, for which extensive surgery was performed. My oncologist has not been keen to start chemotherapy, as it appears that this mode of treatment does not help very much with the outcome.

Recently, I developed a complication after eight months of very good post-surgical health, which included plenty of exercise and sound nutrition. I realized that I might need more help and have started doing guided imagery with the help of your wonderful CD.

Could you kindly help me with two questions?

1) Your voice is so soothing that within minutes of imaging (usually just reaching the safe place) I have fallen asleep and wake up minutes later at the end, or continue sleeping! Should I struggle to keep awake?

2) Do you know of any centres which have good success rates with gallbladder cancers? I am in my mid-forties. Thank you, dear Belleruth, for taking the time to read and answer my questions. God bless you for the good work you are doing!

Dear Gerry,
There is no need to struggle to stay awake, unless you''re curious to know what''s on the recording, in which case, you could listen while strolling around the neighborhood or even around your kitchen table, for that matter. We know from our work with people with diabetes that the imagery has an effect with repeated listening, whether you''re asleep or awake (and there''s some inferential data to suggest it may be even better to be asleep, as those nice, slow, delta/theta brainwaves make for some very fine receptivity!). In the anecdotal reports, people who consistently fell asleep shortly after the introduction still experienced their blood glucose going down in a very consistent pattern over the days, weeks and months they used the imagery. So enjoy your nap and don''t worry about it!!

As for your second question, I''m not sure which places are best for gallbladder cancers. However, you might want to contact Henry Dreher, a Cancer Guide and trainer in Jim Gordon''s extraordinary mind-body program. He researches exactly this kind of thing for people and is very helpful in sorting all this out. We featured him on our "Practitioners We Love" page a while back, at http://www.henrydreher.com/pages/cg1.html .