A woman with more than one melanoma (the most threatening kind of skin cancer) on her back asks if guided imagery can help her heal, and if so, how.. I have skin cancers on my back.. Melanoma... Can guided imagery help me heal? How do I do this? Thank you.

Dear Dolores,
There is some research by Fawzy Fawzy from UCLA that shows that guided imagery can be helpful in reducing recurrence and extending survival for people with malignant melanoma, but this in no way suggests it be used as an alternative to conventional medical care - rather as an additional treatment, integrated alongside the more traditional approaches.

You might try our Fight Cancer CD or download or perhaps you’d prefer to work directly with a guided imagery practitioner. There are many health care professionals with this sort of certification. You can find someone in your state by going to the Academy for Guided Imagery website or the Beyond Ordinary Nursing website.

Good luck and all best wishes to you!