A woman writes to ask what to do about a line in the cancer imagery about her body returning to its original blueprint when she’s just discovered she’s inherited the breast cancer gene.. Hi Belleruth! My name is Sarah and you worked with my sister and brother-in-law, Harry and Iris (names changed), in Cleveland several years ago. I have loved your guided imagery tapes which have gotten me through both an initial diagnosis (7/2001) and now a metastatic diagnosis (8/2004) of breast cancer.

One of the lines I loved in the affirmations was about my body returning to the original blueprint. Well, I got news yesterday that I tested positive for the "breast cancer gene" (BRCA2). Now I''m feeling very upset because I feel that my original blueprint is all messed up.

Can you suggest a line or concept that I can substitute in my mind for that? Thanks a million for how much you have already helped me. Sandy

Hey, Sarah.
Hello! I have great affection for Harry and Iris! So very pleased to meet you! As for the original blueprint line, I can see your point, and if you take it literally, it can be distracting or upsetting.

May I suggest that instead you just keep in your awareness that the original blueprint is the one that existed before this pesky mutation created itself.. So, in this case, you''re referring to your pre- BRCA2 blueprint. You might even want to envision a favorite ancestress (real or imagined) and her original blueprint. So, in saying this affirmation, you''d be going back to your genetic inheritance from her, and before this gene showed up. So that maintains the integrity of the sentence and its meaning. I hope that works for you.

All best wishes to you and my fondest regards to the family!

[Ed. Note. Sarah quickly replied:
Dear Belleruth,
That is HUGE. I have no idea why it didn''t occur to me that the blueprint doesn''t have to be my own personal one but rather one of humankind or the line from which I came prior to the mutation. (..probably a reflection of a bit of self centeredness. HA!) I am so glad I wrote to you and so thankful that you responded. Now I feel like I have a place to focus.

I''m sure you''ve heard this a million times, but allow me to say it again: You do really good work and I am forever grateful for the peace you have brought to my being. Best to you,