A young woman finds guided imagery to be a comforting and supportive accompaniment to her difficult journey of healing her depression, anxiety and dysfunctional family issues with her psychotherapist.. Dear Ms. Naparstek,

This isn''t really a question but rather a comment on how very much your guided imagery tapes and CD''s are helping me through a very difficult situation. I''ve been in therapy myself and on medication for depression and anxiety disorder for the past 3 1/2 years. I am also working through dysfunctional family issues and searching for my true and authentic self and identity. This is an extremely difficult and at times incredibly stressful journey, though one I know is for my own good and greatest possible wellness.

I found your guided imagery programs kind of by accident while borwsing the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh''s website for good meditation programs, since I''ve found myself being led in that direction. I''ve borrowed those that apply most to my personal situation, and am recommending them to everybody I know who also could benefit from them.

With your soothing and very "listenable" voice and the warmth I can feel emanating from you and the very beautiful musical setting for these programs, they reach deep within me to my innermost core, and help me to find in myself the strength, confidence, peace, and healing I need to face each day.