Dear Belleruth/Health Journeys,

Do you have affirmations for elderly people?  My mother has lived through several traumas, and is over 90, so coming to terms with arthritic pain and the fact that her body will not do what she wants it to do is very hard for her.

Thanks for your attention.


Dear Barbara,

I’m sorry your mother is having a tough time. (At least she has the great good luck of having a thoughtful, caring and solicitous daughter!  I hope you realize this, in case she doesn’t!! ☺)

I would say that our regular Affirmations would work for her just as well as for anyone else, and many of these incorporate ideas around resilience, acceptance of how things are and reframing adversity to something more positive.  These are affirmations from our Stress, Depression and General Wellness programs, so they would apply.

The other possibility that might be a little more targeted for her arthritis discomfort is the Affirmations track on our Ease Pain imagery.

And I suppose I should have asked the obvious first: I assume you’re satisfied with the medical care she’s getting, and that she’s been evaluated fairly recently for her pain by somebody who looks at her various ailments and treatments holistically, taking nothing for granted??  Because that could make a difference, if it’s been a while, or if she’s being mismedicated.  Sometimes elderly patients don’t get the medical scrutiny they deserve.  Just sayin’…  

Good luck.  I hope this helps.  Best to both of you!