Affirmations – What’s the Point?

In a beautifully written piece, Affirmations – What's the Point?, Donna Falcone blogs about the usefulness of affirmations for managing chronic illness, after starting out with some serious skepticism over their value.

Donna's been dealing with Lyme Disease for some time now, and has learned to do some adjusting of her schedule, attitude and mood as she's trained herself to manage and triumph over the energy-sapping fatigue and discouragement that Lyme can produce.

I actually started out thinking affirmations were pretty silly myself- strictly the turf of late night satire - Saturday Night Live's Stuart Smalley comes to mind (Al Franken's fabulous recovery support group character). But I was pressed into making them by Time Warner for the "Side B" of my earliest tapes, and I didn't have any better ideas.

Imagine my surprise when we got feedback that the affirmations seemed to work better than the guided imagery for some folks. That was a revelation, and I started giving them the respect they deserved.

But Donna says it better than I can on her blog, so check it out if you have a chance. And enjoy some of her poems as well.

All best,