After 18 Years, We’re Packing up our Guided Imagery and Going Home.

Akron, Ohio has been good to us for more than 18 years. We’ve evolved and blossomed, made friends and fond memories, but it’s time for Health Journeys to go home.

The move is a positive one for us. We started in Cleveland, and we’re going back to our old neighborhood as a success story. The change in location is part of the company’s commitment to increasing our already-considerable presence in the healthcare and wellness space.

What does it mean to you? It means lots more new offerings, in addition to the existing, tried and true ones. It means the same superior customer care you have come to know from Health Journeys and more innovative ways for your favorite health providers to deliver our imagery programs to their flocks. 

What better time to make the change than the most popular weekend of the year for moving-the last one in July. One factor contributing to the popularity of July moves is the need to get children situated before school starts. For those going off to college, the last week in July provides ample time to get settled before classes start. Best of all, once you get where you’re going, it’s still summer.

Whether you’re moving your business or your home, moving is listed as one of life’s top stressors, and you can feel disconnected for weeks, or even months, once you’re in your new quarters.

You might be surprised to find that you can develop emotional attachments to places, as well as people. If you find that you feel a twinge of sadness when you’re in your new home, a little stomach flip and you shed some tears, it’s not unusual. You’re homesick.

Homesick is a little bit like love-sick. Both are bittersweet. Experiencing them means you have opened your heart, bonded with someone or someplace, and that’s not a bad thing.

The sadness will go, and you will form new bonds, find new friends and favorite places and always have fond memories of the old ones. I know because I really did leave my heart in San Francisco.

Moving is often a result of other lifestyle changes, such as a new job or loss of an existing one, marriage, new relationship or break-up, retirement or empty-nesting. These issues further complicate the situation. Our callers find that Emmett Miller’s Accepting Change and Moving On provides imagery encompassing the various forms of change, and it is particularly helpful for people who are experiencing residential changes.

On the upside, if you’re planning a move, it’s a great time to embrace change. Health Journeys' Creating Positive Change, by Traci Stein, is an excellent choice for releasing old patterns and attachments and creating new ones.

Guided imagery is popular among people undergoing change, because it helps us feel grounded and settled. It reminds us that home is not a geographical location. It is in the head and heart. It’s where you are at this moment, and it can be anyplace in the world.

For our friends who are moving or experiencing changes, we hope July smiles on you and offers  up her warmth and hospitality.

We’re happy to take you along on our journey to our new digs. You can find us at the same phone number 800-800-8661 and the same web address
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