After listening to her weight loss imagery, offered by her health care provider, a woman finds herself with strange urges to exercise and busts out with the running machine that had been gathering dust.. My Health Care Provider offered me a guided imagery/weight loss CD - and I accepted and a few months after receiving it I started listening to it. I was amazed that it was A Belleruth N. tape, as I was familiar with her name and reputation.

I have listened to the tape for approx 3 months. The miracle that happened to me is that I started to exercise! ME!!!! It’s been years since I have had an exercise program. I have an air glider running machine that has been gathering dust for 5+ yrs.

However, I was drawn to it and started at 20 minutes a day, and now I exercise 6 x a week - at 40 minutes each time. I have lost inches and 6 lbs and am stronger, thinner, and happier.

I listen to the tape at night as I fall asleeep and am thrilled! Another novel concept - I only eat when I am hungry! This is so unreal - I can''t tell you! I love the Weight Loss guided imagery and can''t imagine going to sleep without it. What a blessing!