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  1. Is There a Cure for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?


    Hello. I love your meditations, especially the affirmations, and most especially the CD you made for fibromyalgia - but I've benefited from others as well.

    I also deal with MCS [Ed. Note: This is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities] from scented chemicals, which makes living in this world a huge challenge. I've seen some claims that certain kinds of meditation (amygdala retraining, NSP protocol) can help with MCS (some claim 'cure', but not the MCS experts and research.)
    Do you think daily meditation could cure my MCS? Would it have to be of a certain type?

    I think that it probably helps with symptoms, but can't cure, and that the claims I heard are in order to sell expensive programs.

    Still, I would really like to know what you think.

    Thank you..)


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  2. Does Allergy CD Work for Food Allergies or Just the Airborne Kind?


    Hello, I wanted to know about the Allergy Guided Imagery.

    I suffer from several food allergies, including wheat, and I wanted to know if this CD would help in reducing or eliminating food allergies, or is it just for the air borne types?

    Thank you,

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  3. Effect of self-hypnosis on hay fever symptoms .

    Researchers from the Division of Psychosomatic Medicine at The University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland, find that hypnosis is a useful adjunct in the treatment of allergies, hay fever and mild asthma

    In a randomised parallel group study over an observation period of two consecutive pollen seasons, 79 patients with a mean age of 34 years (range 19-54 years; 41 males), with moderate to severe allergic rhinitis to grass or birch pollen of at least 2 years duration and mild allergic asthma, were assigned to an average of 2.4 sessions of hypnosis, along with continuation of standard anti-allergic pharmacological treatment. The controls, who received standard anti-allergic pharmacological treatment alone, were added to the study in season two. Outcome measures consisted of nasal flow under hypnosis, pollinosis symptoms from diaries and retrospective assessments, restrictions in well-being and use of anti-allergic medication.


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