Hello, everyone.  

I’m very much looking forward to giving a day-long practicum on posttraumatic stress for mental health and health professionals at Grace and Growth Counseling Center, hosted at Mercer University in Atlanta on April 20th.

The workshop will review what the field has come to know about posttraumatic stress over the past dozen or so years and why guided imagery is a best-practice approach for treating it.  I’ll summarize the relevant clinical research and discuss ways to introduce imagery into a clinical practice, whether that be with individuals, couples, families or groups.

I’ll demonstrate several kinds of effective imagery and go over practical do’s and don’ts, gathered over the years from the combined wisdom of hundreds of practitioners and their clients.  I’ll also be talking about other imagery-based techniques and discussing special considerations when dealing with military-related stress, something we’ve been doing a lot of lately over here at Health Journeys.

If you want to learn more about this, click here or contact Mary Ellen Hughes at [email protected] or 678-235-3911.

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week, folks, so we’re featuring some of our sleep-related titles for you to check out. We’re proud of the quality of our carefully curated collection and the range of techniques and practitioners that we’ve put together for you.  

It seems to me we’ve never had such an epidemic of sleep deprivation and disruption as what we’re seeing right now, and we can’t keep these titles in stock.  I wonder what that’s about, exactly.  For years, weight loss seemed to be America’s Most Obsessed About Issue, and we used to joke that sales of our Weight Loss imagery paid the bills and allowed us to keep carrying our less popular titles.  

I’m not sure exactly when that changed – maybe 10 years ago? – but now Healthful Sleep clearly holds that distinction.  It’s far and away our bestselling title, and has been for quite a while.  This can’t be good either.  Here’s hoping we all get more sleep – the nourishing, restful, replenishing, renewing kind.  

Take care and be well!