OK, good friends and fellow guided imagery aficionados, we’ve got a lively debate going over here amongst our staff and various consultants, and maybe you could help us settle this. I’m serious. Would those of you who are familiar with using and purchasing apps be our focus group for a second here?

I’ll start from the beginning.  Our very gung-ho and generous techie dude, Jon Lorenzo, (who has better things to do, because he runs this hardcore computer system solutions company called Incom) decided that we should have apps of our guided imagery.  

So he made one for us, on his own time, of our Sleep imagery, which he named Sleep Help.  Then he got it into the iTunes app store.  It’s basically the same thing as our Healthful Sleep imagery, only it also comes with tips on sleep hygiene and extra content along those lines. 

Because it was similar to our Sleep imagery, we didn’t give it much thought - just priced it at the same level as a download - $11.99.

Then we started hearing from people, saying that this was way too pricey for an app… that a lot of apps were free or at bargain basement prices at just a few dollars.  Some said they’d never buy an app priced over, say $6.99 or $9.99.  

Then there was another group saying if it’s mostly the same as a download, you can’t price it lower than the download, because then you’ll just be cutting into your own sales of downloads with these lower priced apps.

In addition, there was a chorus of people who said that this wasn’t the case at all, because App People are not necessarily Download People, and some prefer to buy both anyway, just as there are CD People and Download People, and they’re pretty independent of each other too.  

Still others told us, “Most of the stuff that’s free or priced really low isn’t very good, and your stuff is really high quality, so why would you price it as low as those other guys?”

Others said we should make the app more “appy”, by building in some extra interactivity to it, and then we could price it at the higher price we originally had.

And finally, some told us to put up a 3-minute free version, so people could check out the quality first, and then price the complete 30-minute audio at a higher price.
So we're just shooting in the dark here.   (Most people my age are pretty clueless about apps… but we’re getting a lot of contradictory advice from the Cluefull, too.) So what do you app users suggest?  We want to be fair and competitive and reasonable, but we don’t want to sell ourselves down the river. What should we do? Please advise.  And thank you, as always!

All best,