An E.R. nurse describes how listening to guided imagery helps her maintain her equilibrium, balance and compassion at work, even in the face of seeing terrible things and children that can’t be saved.. I am a trauma nurse in the emergency department of my hospital. I recently had several difficult pediatric trauma and child abuse cases. Most recently, I cared for a very young child with a traumatic injury, who died in the ER.

I''m 29 years old, and have only been an ER nurse for a few years, but picking up that little body and placing him into his father''s arms, tearing streaming down his face, was the most heart-wrenching experience I''ve ever had.

I began having stress symptoms shortly after, particularly some intense feelings of anxiety. I found some relief with journaling/drawing, prayer and playing my cello.

I was introduced to your website and Guided Imagery to Relieve Stress and Healing Trauma by the wonderful lady in the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) at my hospital. Just wanted to tell you how much relief and comfort I''ve felt from these. I''ve been told that I have a "gentle, quiet spirit" and that I have a calming presence with my patients and their families. Sometimes I worry about becoming a hardened ER nurse and losing these qualities. But guided imagery has somehow equipped me to feel that I can continue to give compassionate care to my patients. Thank you for this wonderful means of caring for myself so that I can continue to care for my patients!


Ed. Note: Your patients are lucky to have you!