An oncology social worker is trying to track down some specific imagery that was designed for caregivers of cancer patients.. BR tells her that her description sounds like something created by Marty Rossman.. Question:
I am an oncology social worker, looking for a guided imagery exercise specific to caregivers of cancer patients. Once a colleague of mine used a guided imagery narrative with a wise guide and used a ladder in the imagery as a metaphor of climbing stairs to reach the white light and increase self-esteem. Does this ring a bell? Any suggestions?
Many thanks,

Dear Linda,
The wise guide sounds like it could be the imagery of Marty Rossman, who uses the Inner Advisor a lot for his imagery. I’d check out either Self-Healing With Guided Imagery: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Body, an audio CD by Andrew Weil, Martin L., M.D. Rossman or his CD: Anxiety Relief: Guided Imagery Exercises to Soothe, Relax and Restore Balance. We’ll be carrying both of these shortly, but in the meantime, look on Amazon!

Any good stress relief imagery will be good for the social workers, and I’d recommend, if possible, your meeting regularly as a group, perhaps once a week at lunch time, and rotating a number of imagery choices for the sake of variety and also to help you review materials for your patients. For other good stress imagery, go to our catalog at and enter ‘stress’ in the search box and click "GO" - you’ll find a terrific selection of first-rate materials.

I’m glad you’re exploring ways to take good care of yourselves!