Brand New Healing Imagery for Embracing a New Medicine!

When people fully embrace their treatment, whether that takes the form of pills or chemo or shots or skin patches, they add extra impetus to the healing action of their medicine.

Guided imagery designed with just that purpose in mind – to help people wholeheartedly welcome a new medication into their bodies – can make a difference, because it can cohere the deep power of the whole person - mind, body, and spirit - to squeeze every ounce of benefit out of that medicine.

My military friends would call this a force multiplier.

That’s what guided imagery specialist and health coach Maurine Killough thought, when years ago she entered drug trials for testing a new pharmaceutical designed to clear Hepatitis C.  She really wanted it to work.

So she created her own audio, where she talked directly to her body and asked it to please welcome and cooperate with the new medication… to perceive it and treat it as a friendly, well-intentioned, powerful and prized guest.

When I heard Maurine’s recording I was impressed. In essence, she makes intros: Body, meet your Medicine; Medicine, this is the body you’ll be helping to heal.

I found it to be pitch-perfect, direct, smart, and effective. And short and sweet as it was, it was exactly long enough to achieve its intended purpose. We wanted it in our audio library. We did a little tweaking, editing, processing, and scoring, and turned this marvelous audio into our newest, soon-to-be-released audio: Guided Imagery for Embracing a New Medicine.

It made me think of my remarkable brother, who’s had several forms of cancer over the years. I can’t tell you how many times he was supposed to succumb to either the disease or its treatment, which on several occasions was pretty rough.

When he’s asked for advice from others facing stubborn cancers, the first thing he says is “Just remember: chemo is your friend”. He means it. He’s no Pollyanna.

He’s now happily working on his 23rd book on nuclear arms control, giving talks, and mentoring staff at his think tank. Mostly, he savors being alive.

(One of his books is a handbook of accrued wisdom from dealing with cancer – it’s called Life Lessons: Recovering from Chemo & Serious Illness and you can find it here.)

And as for Maurine? Yes, she and her medicine cleared the Hep C.  Can anyone say for sure that the imagery helped make that happen, further potentiated the medicine? No. But is it likely? I’d give that a yes.   

All best,