Hello again.  

Well, at the request of several health professionals (one such query is posted on this week’s Q and A page), we’ve finally put together a Domestic Violence Recovery Pack.  It’s been a long time in coming and I’m very happy to be doing this.  

This handpicked combo of 5 CDs covers a lot of ground and we think and hope this new pack will do a world of good for battered women and men everywhere, who have suffered longstanding abuse at the hands of a spouse or partner.  

We also strongly recommend it for the libraries of any domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center, prison or counseling clinic.

First and foremost, we’ve included our guided imagery for Posttraumatic Stress, for healing the complex, layered PTS that almost always accompanies chronic abuse; secondly, our CD for Depression, a separate but equally debilitating consequence of living with a violent partner;  third, our imagery for Panic Attacks, for quick and effective self-calming when those biochemical alarm bells go off, even out of sheer habit; fourth, our powerful imagery to heal Heartbreak, Abandonment and Betrayal, and a return to a sense of inner wholeness and strength; and finally, our imagery for Self-Confidence, for envisioning a fulfilling and joyful future.

Normally these five titles would retail for $89.90, but as a kit, we can afford to mark it down to $62.95, creating a nice, phat savings of $27.

Take care and be well.