Another Baby on the Way, with a Little Help from Guided Imagery

My 41 year old daughter is a successful research scientist who took her time finding the right man to marry. Four years ago, she finally found him. They married a few months later and immediately tried to start a family. She could not get pregnant, in spite of the fact that there were no hindrances detected clinically in either one of them.

Sarah is a bit high strung to start with, but this situation created great levels of stress in her and for them as a couple. It was heartbreaking to watch my lovely daughter, who had so much of her life together at last, become a tense, distracted, unhappy person. She has always been a high-energy, productive, happy person.

At the point where they were considering IVF, a nurse friend of mine suggested she try guided imagery first and bought your set of Fertility CDs for me to give her. Sarah began listening to them right away. The change in her was immediately noticeable to me. I felt I had my daughter back, smiling and enjoying life again in her high-energy way. She and her husband were much more relaxed as a couple as well.

I am delighted to announce (to anyone who will listen!) that she is presently 7 months pregnant. They never did initiate the IVF. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a safe and easy delivery for her and the baby, but I am one happy, thankful Grandma-to-be. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making this recording and making such a difference in our lives.

Jill D.