We found this post from Rosie on Amazon.  Now, we know perfectly well that this generous description credits a lot to the guided imagery; and that nobody can know for sure what made this experience go so well.  Rosie does mention the importance of diet and nutrition, too.

But then again, on the other hand, we sure do hear a lot of feedback that sounds just like this… We figure that guided imagery is particularly well suited for surgery and other medical procedures – that much we can say with some assurance.  Here’s Rosie’s note:

Wow...thats all I can say.

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 1B2 a few months ago. I underwent a radical hysterectomy combined with femoral hernia repair 10 days ago.

I downloaded guided imagery for surgery a week before surgery.  I listened to it both awake and asleep, and right up to before I was taken into the operating room.

I was told by both the hernia and the oncology surgeon that the surgery went beautifully and was so easy that my hernia had popped back in which made it so much easier for him to repair.

All the doctors/nurses told me that my incision (about 8 inches) was one of the most beautiful and well healed wounds they had ever seen. I was released from hospital after 4/5 days and told by the oncology surgeon it was one of the fastest recoveries he had ever seen.

I'm not one to write reviews on anything, but I just had to about this....as it was uncanny how successful the operation and the recovery was and great thanks to you BelleRuth.

Remember also, diet/nutrition play a huge role too...I refused all medications after two days and ate great organic food and juices both before and after surgery.

The mind and the body can do amazing things if you provide them with the right tools...and this surgery meditation is one of those right tools.

Thank you so much again :) Rosie
(Sydney, Australia) September 2008