Another Health Journeys Baby Gestates, Even as We Speak!

We got this happy note last week. In it, Kristie describes how she used selected segments of our Help with Fertility imagery along with acupuncture specifically designed for boosting conception. Now she's contentedly listening to the Pregnancy (please link) imagery!

Hi Belleruth and thank you!!

I listened to the Help with Fertility guided imagery while trying to get pregnant, and I totally believe that it helped!

It took us 6 months of actively trying to conceive, and I found the conception track and the affirmations track very comforting throughout the process.

I purchased the MP3 album after a couple of months of acupuncture (weekly at first and then in the first two weeks of my cycle), and then I would listen to the conception track almost nightly as I fell asleep in bed at night. I would listen to the affirmations one in the car on my way to work when I needed a pick-me-up.

2123bI repeated some of the affirmations to myself whenever I found myself questioning the process, and many of them were even written in chalk on the bathroom walls of my acupuncturist's office!!! (They are a fertility acupuncture clinic.)

Now that I'm pregnant, I plan to do the same with the Pregnancy album :) Tucking in to listen to it right now! ☺

Thank you for your soothing words!

Warmest regards,

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