What helps for "the worst, worst anxiety" ? BR makes some suggestions, and suggests reading our page on stress, now posted with other informational topics, at the bottom of our splash page.. Hi, Belleruth,

I have the worst, worst anxiety. What do you have to help me deal with this problem? Thanks. You can post this message, just don''t post my last name and change my first. Thanks.

Hello there. Actually, almost any of the methods I’ve selected for our catalog would help at least somewhat with anxiety. Developing a regular practice of yoga, qigong, meditation, breathwork or imagery (Relieve Stress, Relaxation & Wellness, General Wellness, etc) would help it’s just in the nature of anxiety to respond to these practices, especially over time. For more detailed suggestions on this, do check out our information page on Stress.

If your anxiety is really intense, you may want to consider some anti-anxiety medication to carry you until one or more of these methods take hold - I’m no great lover of pills, but they can make a huge difference in the short term. If you do go for an evaluation for meds, please go to a knowledgeable psychiatrist or anxiety disorders clinic, so you can get an experienced, sophisticated prescription. (Too many internists or family docs might not be up to speed on the latest, most effective meds that have the least annoying side effects).

And there are some terrific behavioral programs for panic attacks that have been proven highly effective. These too can be found at your local hospital’s anxiety or mood disorders clinic, or with many private practitioners. Usually a good CBT program includes one or more of the mood-regulating methods I mention at the start of my answer to you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.