Anxious College Freshman Puts Guided Imagery on Her Phone

A grateful mother sent us a note last year describing how her daughter, who was so anxious she was close to quitting school, got turned around by some guided imagery downloads on her smart phone.  Read on:

My 19-year-old daughter Hilary has always had anxiety when facing pressure (social, tests, new activities). Therefore her Dad and I were not surprised when her first year away at a school less than 30 miles away sent her into major panic mode.

We had many conversations on why she shouldn’t quit school. The whole family got into the act. We were worried and worn out from these sessions.

My sister, an oncology nurse who uses guided imagery with chemotherapy patients, sent Hilary downloads for Panic and Relaxation and Wellness, which she put on her phone. These made the difference.  She had something she could use on the spot, whenever her anxiety started to mount. She later told us it helped just to know they were there, on her phone, with her all the time.

This is a thank you, from Joyce and Harold, Hilary’s Mom and Dad.

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