Any Audios to Soothe Test Anxiety while She Takes Her Boards?

A professional woman who is good at her work but not so great at taking tests is now facing some high stakes performance demands, in the form of a written exam to qualify for her state boards. She wonders what her best mind-body options are - in the form of guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation – to help her relax and do her best.

Dear BR,

I am preparing to sit for my written exams next month in order to pass my state boards. I love your guided imagery and wonder which one you recommend for soothing test and performance anxiety?

Elaine T.

Dear Elaine,

I think you're smart to round out your studying by "tuning the instrument" - you being the instrument - with some guided imagery and mind-body assistance.

So here are some ideas. Any one or two of these should be very helpful for test anxiety.

Of my work, the most appropriate would be the guided imagery for Self-Confidence & Peak Performance, which is designed to promote general relaxation and confidence for any fill-in-the-blank performance demand situation you might have to face, including taking a high stakes exam.

If you want to suffuse your whole being with mellow confidence while you're sleeping, so your conscious mind won't even bother trying to sandbag your good intentions, by all means try Traci Stein's Self-Esteem during Sleep and you'll be able to sneak up on your own self with a very effective confidence builder ☺.

If you enjoy Eriksonian hypnosis, David Illig has an excellent audio program, gentle and skillful, called Improve Memory & Study Skills, which even includes some subliminal suggestions - again to help you sneak up on yourself.

And the wonderful Martha Howard's Greater Memory and Learning Skills is a combination of guided meditation and hypnosis.

Finally, Shirley McNeal has recorded a very targeted hypnosis audio program called Test Taking Mastery. You can find it on Amazon.

I hope this helps! Good luck to you! We're rooting for you here at Health Journeys!

All best,


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