My new, 9-CEU workshop, Healing Journeys: Using the Power of Imagery for Healing, Creativity and Change presents the very latest guided imagery training, from soup to nuts, at the beautiful Resort at Squaw Creek at Lake Tahoe.. Hello, everyone.
I’m very excited about an upcoming conference, Integrating Therapy for Women: Science, the Heart and the Soul, scheduled for May 19-21 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Sponsored by U.S. Journal Training, The Betty Ford Center, Health Communications Inc and Counselor magazine, it features Diana Schwarzbein, Noel Larson and moi, and covers mind, body and spirit. Call 800.441.5569 to register.

Then, immediately following the women’s conference, I get to explore guided imagery in depth at glorious Lake Tahoe, with a new workshop that will only be offered twice this year: Healing Journeys: Using the Power of Imagery for Healing, Creativity and Change. This is my latest info on guided imagery from soup to nuts, A to Z, for the lay public and practitioners alike, at the beautiful Resort at Squaw Creek - a fabulous spa and hotel. This workshop is filling up fast, and the only other one like it is going to be in Bloomingdale, IL, July 17-18, so if you’re interested, don’t dally and sign up pretty soon. For more details or to register, click on or call 888. 517.7089.

We’re very excited to see that our prodigious PTSD researchers at Duke University and the Durham V.A. are expanding their field of inquiry, and looking into studying the efficacy of guided imagery for traumatized soldiers returning from Iraq, as well as their about-to-start, new study of women vets who have been sexually assaulted. We’ll keep you posted. This is just the kind of study we’ve been hoping/waiting/praying for.

More and more insurance carriers and HMO’s are getting on the guided imagery bandwagon - and why shouldn’t they? Blue Shield of California was the first to establish that imagery doesn’t just improve clinical outcomes and make members feel warm and fuzzy toward their carrier; it saves the company buckets o’ money too. A no-brainer, we’d say, when what’s good for patients coincides with a little enlightened financial self-interest. So now Kaiser Permanente is expanding their program; Oxford Health Plan has come on board; and, who knows, perhaps Aetna U.S. Healthcare will re-activate their Healthy Heart program. And there are a couple more health plans in the pipeline, which I’ll announce as soon as it’s official. Slowly but surely, guided imagery is infiltrating health care!

Also, thanks to your blessed nagging, whining, demanding, importuning, yelling and wheedling, it looks like Roche Oncology will be replenishing its stash of chemotherapy and radiation therapy guided imagery tapes - freebies that are made available to patients nationwide, through oncology hospitals and clinics. So thanks and keep it up! The more you ask your oncology rep for those tapes, the more they are willing to keep this program going.

Marty Rossman MD had some very cogent caveats and things to say about the Caruso-Helge guided imagery study that compares self-generated guided imagery to expert-narrated guided imagery. To read his comments, click on our Discussion Page at . And by all means, add your own comments to the mix as well, if you are moved to do so.

Our new Headache CDs will be in the warehouse in a couple of weeks. If you want to order them now, you can, by clicking on .

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well!