Kaiser Permanente Offers Free Guided Imagery Downloads to Members Nationwide

We salute Kaiser Permanente for offering free guided imagery downloads to all its members nationwide, through their website, by way of their doc’s web page.. We salute Kaiser Permanente for offering free guided imagery downloads to all its members nationwide. You gotta hand it to them, these Kaiser folks are consistently forward-thinking. Way back in 1989, it was Kaiser who became the first major healthcare institution to give guided imagery a shot on a broad scale, when they distributed our audios to HMO members facing surgery, right here in Northeast Ohio. In those days, that meant listening to quaint cassettes through sterilized headsets.

Sleep Now, here they are, breaking new ground again, by introducing online, digitized downloads on their website. Members go to their doc’s web page or a pod cast page, and access any of seven digitized guided imagery recordings: Healthful Sleep, Ease Pain, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Successful Surgery, pregnancy Mastering Menopause, Weight Loss, and Relieve Stress. It’s a great way for them to serve their members with something special, helpful and user-friendly and do some cool preventive medicine and health education at the same time. And for them, the beautiful part is, it’s not difficult or expensive for them to do, and it yields great promise for maintaining wellness in their members. It all began with holistic health giants, David Sobel MD, and Harley Goldberg DO getting behind it, after our plucky hero, nurse anesthetist Brad Larsen RN, finished his imagery pilot study with surgery patients at Santa Rosa Hospital. surgery

We get more and more queries about how to offer something downloadable like this, from hospitals, insurance carriers, HMO’s, Employee Assistance Programs, as well as colleges and universities. No question: pretty soon CDs will be going the way of cassettes, and all we’ll have is stuff coming to us through the air.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m very happy to see those jonquils again.