We’re very stoked about the fabulous practitioners and resources we’ve included in our about-to-be-published, new catalog for spring and summer, soon to hit your mailboxes.. Well, our new catalog is almost ready to print, and we are all especially stoked about this new batch of goodies we’ve got picked out. Our new practitioners and the resources they’ve created are just so very, very good.

From Belgium we have the brilliant Aurelis Auto-Suggestion method of Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts, a powerful and empowering combination of relaxation, self-hypnosis and imagery, from a master healer and guide, with a voice I’d follow anywhere. Out of his vast library of health-specific titles, we chose his CDs for headache, insomnia and irritable bowel to start with.

Carol Ginandes, a groundbreaking psychologist who’s researched the power of hypnosis on wound healing, has created a dynamic, 6-session, Rapid Recovery from Injury hypnosis program for us, for anyone with a fracture, soft tissue injury, burn or wound.

Therapist Lynne Newman recorded Song of the Soul for us, a transcendant, divinely inspired, utterly original and deeply healing guided spiritual journey that will knock your inner socks off.

And we’ve added to our list the exquisite morning and evening meditations of Gael Chiarella; the clarity of energy-focused meditations by Sudhir Jonathan Foust; and Tracy Carreon’s imagery for balance, calm and revitalization, entitled A Moment’s Peace.

For those of you wanting to cultivate your dreams, you can now listen to the brilliant, lyrical imagery of Kate Hunter Kelley’s The Living Dream: A Dream Incubation at bedtime, and mine the richness that rejuvenating, dream-evoking sleep yields.

Charlotte Reznick adds her enchanting, children’s special place imagery to our growing list for kids, and the gifted teacher and energy healer, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, provides a new CD set for Release and Renewal.

And that’s just some. Oh, and we’ll also have completed the spoken word audiobook from Invisible Heroes, and the Imagery for the Three Stages of Healing Trauma CD set. So keep an eye out - the printed catalog will be hitting your mailboxes shortly.

By the way, you may have noticed - we decided to add some serious content to the opening page of our site, based on the issues and concerns you ask most about, like stress, trauma, insomnia, depression, pain, cancer, blood pressure & heart health and fertility, pregnancy & childbirth. Each page is like a little explanatory essay with accompanying resources and general suggestions. We hope it’s helpful and offers you quick access to some decent follow-up. This format offers more than just posting FAQ’s.

If you have time, do check out the Special Sales we’ve got going on. Our Mom-to-Be Pack has been making quite the hit as a gift to your favorite pregnant goddess, consisting of our 2-CD set for pregnancy & labor, our CD for sound sleep, and the Baby Om book. It’s now $39.95 - $14 off. In addition, our CDs for Successful Relationships, Infertility, Relaxation & Wellness, Menopause and Pregnancy & Childbirth are all on sale at $2 off the usual price.

Perhaps I’ll see some of you at the ACEP conference this week. From April 27th - May 4th the Seventh Annual International Energy Psychology Conference (ACEP) will meet, at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore. President Mary Sise, the driving force behind this impressive assemblage, has put together a fabulous array of workshops, keynotes and pre- and post-conference institutes, featuring Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion), James Oschman, Michael Reed Gach (Acupressure for Emotional Healing), John Diamond (Evolving Thought Field Therapy), Charles Figley (Florida State’s Traumatology Institute), Tapas Fleming (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Asha Clinton (SEEMORG Matrix Work), John Diepold, Mary Sise, Victoria Britt & Sheila Bender (Evolving Thought Field Therapy), Maggie Phillips (Finding the Energy to Heal), and scores more, including yours truly.

This is probably the best smorgasbord of teaching on the new energy medicine, "Alphabet Therapies" (EMDR, EFT, TFT, TAT etc etc,) and techniques like muscle testing and acupressure that you’ll find, by grounded, experienced, researcher-practitioner-pioneers. There are continuing education credits for nurses, social workers, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists, educational psychologists and drug & alcohol counselors. You can find out more by clicking on their website at www.energypsych.org or by calling Diane Guthrie at 858.487.7759 or emailing her at [email protected]

OK, take care and be well.
All best,