Our new Panic Attack imagery, with its gorgeous, new music by Steve Kohn is "in the can" , so to speak (that’s audio lingo for "mastered and ready for duplication"). This CD will be a little different from our usual.. Hello again.
Our new Panic Attack imagery, with gorgeous new music by Steve Kohn is "in the can", so to speak (that’s audio lingo for "mastered and ready for duplication"). This CD will be a little different from our usual format, because of the nature of panic attacks. It begins with several short segments of simple self-regulation exercises - breathing, mantra repetition, body awareness - on separate tracks for easy access or to skip over - and then moves into the usual specifically targeted imagery for panic and affirmations. This will allow people to pick and choose what works best for them, from simple to complex. Of course, these exercises are cumulative, so they also run smoothly from one to the next as a complete listening experience which can be heard all the way through, too.

We thought that offering a menu of brief, skill-building exercises first, for quick and easy access (especially via download), might be a very good idea for panic, since so many people need something quick and easy to have at the ready when they’re out and about. IPods are the perfect delivery mechanism for panic attacks, because they’re so portable and ubiquitous.

And speaking of new stuff, our Hebrew CDs of Relaxation & Wellness are done, and they sound fantastic, I’m happy to say. This was not an easy project to complete, but we’re delighted with the results.

Fania Chazen, the gifted social worker with the velvet voice who translated and narrated the imagery, and I will be offering guided imagery talks and training all over Israel the first week in May, for various Posttraumatic Stress organizations ( NATAL in Tel Aviv, The Israel Trauma Coalition in the north, at Kiryat Shmoneh, and for the Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma in Jerusalem) as well as to various women’s health groups under the auspices of the wonderful ISHA program (that’s Hebrew for "woman"), a women’s empowerment initiative, involving many ingenious, community-based programs, focused around health and mental health for Israeli, Arab, Bedouin, Druse and Ethiopean women. To this end, we’ll be bringing along a very, very big batch of our Hebrew CDs to dispense. We’re very excited to be bringing this portable, self-administered, evidence-based intervention that we know can alleviate the devastating symptoms of traumatic stress, and this population can certainly use it.

OK, take care and be well,