BR is asked about imagery that deals specifically with the fear of flying, that Alice can use before and during take-off, and BR spells out the step-by-step drill that overcomes this kind of anxiety… BR,
Do you have any tapes that deal specifically with a fear of flying? I would like something that I could listen to before and during take-off specifically.

Any of our general relaxation and stress relief imagery audios can help with this - either General Wellness, Relaxation & Wellness or Relieve Stress.

Here''s the drill:
You listen to the same imagery, once or twice a day, at a time when you can settle in, immerse yourself, and just relax with them. You do this at times that have nothing to do with flying. As you listen, do something like folding your hands over your belly, or placing a hand over your heart - some postural cue that, through habit, you come to associate with being relaxed. For this reason, you do this the same way each time - same audio, same hand positioning.

After repeating listening in this way, you will be able to access deep relaxation just from hearing the first few sentences of the imagery, or from even hearing just the opening bars of the music; or from just folding your hands in the same way you did while listening... or, best of all, from all of the above. You will have conditioned yourself to relax from the auditory cue and from the postural cue.

Now for phase two, when you imagine that you''re getting into your seat on the plane, and strapping yourself in. This will probably make you a little anxious, but you will have your trusty headset on, and you listen to the imagery, with your hands positioned the way you taught yourself to do. You do this as many times as it takes to not feel anxious imagining that you''re boarding a plane. If you get too anxious doing this, go back to just listening to the imagery without imagining the plane part. Take whatever time you need, and be patient with yourself.

After you’ve successfully completed phase two, you’re ready to try it on the real thing. Good luck!

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t mean to imply that only my stuff can help with this. You can also apply this sequence with the excellent stress reduction audios of Emmett Miller, David Illig, Suzanne Scurlock or, of course, Carol Dickman''s In Flight Yoga tape. Pick the one you feel most comfortable and sympatico with. The drill is the same.

All best,