Hi there, Belleruth,

Do you have an opinion on Emotional Freedom Techniques for PTSD? Any contact with anyone who has been helped by it? The website says that it's amazing for PTSD, but I don't know anyone who has tried that.



Dear Jared,
I've not used it clinically myself (because I didn't learn about it until after I closed my practice), but I first researched pretty thoroughly for my book, Invisible Heroes.  For the book, I talked to several clinicians whom I trust and respect (Nancy Napier, Bill O'Hanlon, Bev Donovan, Ed Padin-Rivera and several others), as well as some recovered trauma survivors who had used EFT, and it gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

You might want to read up on it at Lily Casura's excellent site, She has a very good description here.

And there's a summary of some EFT studies here.

Bill O'Hanlon says it creates less distress than EMDR while being just as effective.  Nancy Napier has reconfigured her whole practice because it's been so good for her clients - not just for those with PTS but for any challenge - and as a result, she’s become a dedicated EFT trainer of other therapists in the New York City. These are two very highly respected therapists, as you probably know.

So I would say go for it.  It won’t hurt and it could help a lot.  

All best,