I am a counselor and student advisor at a large community college.  What imagery do you recommend for helping my students with test anxiety, concentration problems and attention deficit disorder?  I want to be able to give them some empowerment tools. They are filled with worry and distress. They sleep badly, too. Any thoughts?



Dear Julian,

I’m delighted that you want to introduce guided imagery to your students.  A lot of colleges and universities are doing this these days, and several also use as well.  

Imagery, hypnosis, meditation, breathwork and other mind-body tools are perfect resources for students. And luckily, you can help them with focus, concentration and test anxiety with terrific variety of audios for upload to their smartphones or MP3 players.  

These are simple, easy, student-friendly, portable and self-administerable tools that will do most of them a world of good.  

The ones that immediately come to mind:  Martha Howard’s Greater Memory and Learning Skills as well as her Keys to Your Highest PotentialEmmett Miller’s Optimal Performance along with Winning at Learning; David Illig’s Concentration. My Self-Confidence & Peak Performance might be a good fit here, as well as the about-to-be-released audio for Concentration, Focus and Learning  – stay tuned for that release this fall.


Encourage your students to check the sound samples to see which voice, style and technique feels like the best match. They can start there. They’re all good, so any one of them is a safe bet. Then when their choice starts to feel stale, they can go on to the next one that appeals to them.


Suggest they listen regularly, when waking up or falling asleep. The benefits will increase incrementally and sometimes even exponentially.  They’re most likely to use them when they’re anxious, and especially when a test is looming on the horizon.

Good luck and best wishes with this.  Stay in touch and let me know how it goes.