Greg M. asks BR for her opinion on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a new kind of trauma therapy that claims fast cures with little or no distress or recurrence… BR, I was curious if you''d ever heard of a relatively new therapy technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I''ve come across it only just recently and am quite amazed (yet cautiously skeptical) at the claims and case studies. The results are achieved seemingly in miraculous time and with very little or no recurrence in almost all cases. If you still have a private practice, it might be worth looking into if you haven''t already. If you have, I''d like to get your professional opinion. FYI, their website is:

Greg M

Dear Greg,

Yes, I have heard about EFT. It’s Gary Craig’s spin-off from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy method, only less expensive, more accessible and much simplified. I’ve been looking into EFT, along with other methods, (EMDR, TIR, TAT, IRT, PET, WHEE, VKD, etc etc), as it is one of the imagery-based interventions that seem to work well for simple, single-incident PTSD, and some other conditions too. It can also be applied to more complex trauma, but that requires moving layer by layer, and isn’t as quick or easy.

But yes, it does appear to be a legitimate form of therapy, and one that may have some preventive benefits at the time of a traumatic event, too. Research has yet to show us what it works best for; or when it’s preferable to using over, say, EMDR or trauma incident reduction. But it bears watching.

And since EFT is a simple, low cost, fast method that doesn’t activate a ton of anxiety, panic and distress in trauma survivors, it is certainly worth a try before signing someone up for longterm, expensive, upsetting talk therapy. And it mixes well with guided imagery, which tends to help integrate the positive changes it produces. And, like guided imagery, it makes talk therapy more effective subsequent to its use.

The website you mention,, generously features other quickie, effective techniques as well, and sends out a free enewsletter to anyone who is interested.

Thanks for the question, and good luck.