How to Handle Grief over the Loss of Health

Dear BR,

I'm wondering what the best cds would be for grief around the loss of health that will not be the same again and how this change affects relationships/work/options, etc.

Thanks so much, Marty

Dear Marty,
What a great question. I tip my hat to your insightfulness and perceptivity. You are so right to call it grief, because loss of health must be mourned, and adjustments made in the way we perceive ourselves and our lives, our expections and our goals.  
It's usually the toughest during the time of transition, when you haven't yet made the switch and are still stunned over what you can't do.  This can test your strength and resilience like nothing else, especially if you're someone who measures yourself on what you do, provide, perform and contribute (and that's most of us, for sure).  

It's not that you won't still do, provide, perform and contribute, but all this needs to be re-calibrated and that may take a while to figure out, accept and accommodate.

I like Emmett Miller's Accepting Change and Moving On for this. The title says it all, using hypnotic, healing imagery of the tides to help you let go of what was and prepare for what is.  

Traci Stein's Healthy Self-Esteem may be just the ticket as well, because, at least initially, your self-worth takes a hit with a loss like this.  You may benefit from my Healing Trauma imagery, Ease Grief or Anger & Forgiveness  as well.  But it’s also possible that those first two suggestions are all you need.

Please know that I wish you the very best with this. 

All Best,