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24 Sep

Dear BR,

I have been listening to a particular meditation/guided imagery CD for several months and wanted to try another. I found yours "Meditation to Help You Fight Cancer" - I have a breast cancer recurrence and ordered a copy. Unfortunately, I find I can't concentrate on it. My mind keeps wandering away; that doesn't happen with the other CD. I have tried to determine what is the problem; and the best I can come up with is the music is too upbeat to be relaxing for me, and there aren't enough pauses, or they aren't long enough. It's also true that the music is too loud and overpowers the voice. Part of the spoken message also speaks of "creating energy" when, in fact, what I want is to relax and be calm, not more energized.

17 Sep

Is there any chance that you will be producing a CD in the not-too-distant future concerning overcoming phobias?

10 Sep

Dear BR,

I have a friend who is 71 and has a chronic condition in his back. He cannot move very fast and must use a walker. I did not see any recommendations for chronic back pain in the Ask BR questions you have previously answered. Do you have a visual meditation or guided imagery audio that would help him? 

03 Sep

Hello Belleruth,

I am having revision knee surgery soon and want to do everything that I can to get through it. The first surgery was very painful and unsuccessful. This time to enhance my recovery and pain control I would like to listen to your meditations/music during surgery.

27 Aug


I've used your imagery for surgery and one illness. I truly believe it was helpful to me. Is there anything for glaucoma? I don't see it in your lists so I'm not sure this kind of condition is amenable to imagery. I'm hoping you might have some way to approach this. I'm not able to control it with medication any longer and I hope to avoid tricky, problematic surgery.

13 Aug


Dear BR,

Is there a way to purchase as a gift? I'd like to buy some audios for a friend.

- Janet

06 Aug

Hello Belleruth:

I am not new to using your guided imagery. Your Self Confidence CD was very helpful to deal with freezing on tests when I returned to grad school. I have also worked with your Anger & Foregiveness imagery. I was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago. Recently my anxiety spiked over small things that have not caused an issue previously, which my therapist believes is related to my PTSD. Sadly, I cannot afford to return to routine therapy so I thought I would try your Healing Trauma guided imagery.

23 Jul


Is it possible to stream Health Journeys audios? If so, what format of the audio should I purchase? Don¹t think I have a CD or MP3 player any longer!

16 Jul

Hello, I am wondering which program will address my situation so I would love your suggestions. I am trying to reset my autonomic nervous system after years of stress and drama in my life. The result of that stress has been various and sundry symptoms from PVCs, Tachycardia, acid reflux, neck pain and dizziness and a general feeling of "going to die" from time to time.

09 Jul


I am looking for a good guided imagery meditation for stress/anxiety/depression. I also have Crohn's and stomach problems. I tried other meditations and seem to do best with guided imagery as opposed to mindfulness. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should try? I'd like to start a daily practice. Thank you, Ray.