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16 Jul

Hello, I am wondering which program will address my situation so I would love your suggestions. I am trying to reset my autonomic nervous system after years of stress and drama in my life. The result of that stress has been various and sundry symptoms from PVCs, Tachycardia, acid reflux, neck pain and dizziness and a general feeling of "going to die" from time to time.

09 Jul


I am looking for a good guided imagery meditation for stress/anxiety/depression. I also have Crohn's and stomach problems. I tried other meditations and seem to do best with guided imagery as opposed to mindfulness. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should try? I'd like to start a daily practice. Thank you, Ray.

11 Jun


Have you ever thought about putting together something for someone’s daily commute? I’m not sure how you would create it, but I’d definitely like to have something to help me stay calm during my commutes to and from work. They are a significant daily stressor for me.

04 Jun

My cousin has been dealing with Parkinson’s for many years. Do you have a tape that could possibly help him - he has a very poor attitude about his condition, I’m sure he is depressed. I have tried to help him but he does not want my help, he lives very far from me - maybe one of your CDs would help him. Thank you, Julia

29 May

Dear Belleruth,

If you think of allergies (seasonal ones like mold or grasses) like PTSD, your body is reacting to something which is not a threat as if it is a threat.  Can hypnotherapy allow your body to realize this and stop overreacting?

21 May


I have a question regarding an advanced level dementia resident that has high anxiety and becomes very anxious with environmental stimulation (noise, other residents that act out, loud TV’s, etc.) . He is able to express to staff when his anxiety level rises. When he does, we removed him from the chaos (stressor) and a caregiver will sit with him in a quiet place to redirect and help him to lower his anxiety.

I feel that your play away would be very effective for him. What pre-loaded program would you recommend for an advanced level dementia resident with high anxiety?

14 May

Dear Belleruth,

I played your guided imagery for healing trauma for my friend and she strongly rejected it saying there is no peaceful place she can relate to and there is no lovely being she can identify to take her on the journey. Did I play the wrong tape? Shall I insist? I am very worried.

07 May

Dear BR,

Do you have something for the fear of dying?

30 Apr


Hi, Belleruth.

I believe my insomnia comes from deep-rooted fears. I’m fearful but not what you’d call phobic. I do not fear leaving the house. And I do not have panic attacks. But I am a generally worried person, who sees the world as a dangerous place and whose fears keep me up at night.I believe I would have to have some guided imagery that addresses fears or lack of. Which do you suggest?

23 Apr


I have a couple of questions for you.  First, I am looking for guided imagery on two different is stress/anxiety relief and the other is reduction of dependency on alcohol. I was wondering, can you listen to guided imagery on more than one topic at a time? Also, are there audios that are shorter than 60 minutes? I truly don't have much time in a day and would like to spend no more than 15 minutes listening if possible. Is it a requirement that you spend a lot of time listening to the audios for it to be effective?