Ask BR In September: COVID-19 and Virus Worries, Lupus, & Successful Surgery

Hi Belleruth,

I have been using your Lupus Healing meditation for very many years and have found it so helpful. I also used your guided imagery for preparing for surgery a couple of years ago.

At the moment I seem to be going through a post-viral kind of reaction after a possible COVID infection back in March. I would assume a lupus flare up - worse than any other! - only this time my husband is ill too.

Would you recommend the new Resisting Viral Infection to use now, or is there another guided imagery that would be more suitable considering the autoimmune disease?

Thank you!

Hello, Andrea,  

Dr. Emmett Miller’s imagery for Resisting & Preventing Viral Infection is ideal for anyone looking to amp up their immune system, the better to fight off acquiring an infection, and remain a robust, protective, and vigilant army against any outside invaders seeking to do harm.

So, that would be someone aiming to deny the corona virus a free pass into the body, and instead cheerlead their own white cells to block, tackle and destroy, before the virus can gain a foothold. (Studies of guided imagery with other viruses, such as herpes simplex, colds and various flus, do in fact show heightened bursts of immune activity, lasting for 30-60 minutes.)

But for someone with lupus, an autoimmune disease, which as you know is defined by an overactive immune system that tends to attack the body’s own tissue, this audio could be a risky proposition. Those immune cells don’t need extra encouragement. It would also be a bad bet for someone who is already infected with COVID-19, or who once had it, and might have a reprise later on.

That’s because, as we soon learned with COVID-19, the immune cells can sometimes go into overdrive, attacking lung tissue and other organs — even the linings of the blood vessels — causing even greater damage than the original viral infection, through inflammation that just won’t quit. So, Amy, you’ve got two strong reasons not to use that immune-enhancing guided imagery.

So that’s the bad news. That audio isn’t right for you. The good news is that Emmett has just completed guided imagery for people who have COVID-19, and its focus is on keeping up the protective function of the immune system, but in a modulated, balanced way, bringing in the suppressor cells to pull in the reins when some slow-down is called for.

Emmett got state-of-the-art input from our go-to virology and immunology experts, and this imagery is in fact perfect for your lupus and any possible post-COVID complication. Not surprisingly, he calls this one Overcoming Viral Infection.

This brand new imagery has already been available to app users (subscribers get several weeks of advance access as a special perk) but it's just a week or two away from cross-platform release. So do check that out — I’m delighted to recommend this imagery without reservation, for anyone who wants a well-functioning immune system that doesn’t run amok.

All best wishes, and please do check back in if you feel like sharing your experience with this audio.

Hello BR,

My daughter is a physician and recommended your product. I visited your site and need your recommendation on which programs to purchase.  Here’s what is happening in two weeks from today:

I’m having an open esophagectomy.  Since it’s major surgery and thoracic my daughter says maybe two of your programs would be good. One would be CARDIAC ICU and SUCCESSFUL SURGERY. I also think maybe PAIN RELIEF might help as well.  I do not have cancer but my esophagus no longer functions due to advanced Scleroderma/Systemic Sclerosis.

Could I please have your recommendations?  

Also I want to download on my iPad or iPhone. Which format do I choose?

Thanks! Delaney

Hello Delaney,

Like your smart physician daughter (and congratulations on producing her, by the way), I would also recommend Successful Surgery.
If you’re going to have to put up with various uncomfortable procedures before or after your surgery, then I would suggest you also consider listening to Relaxed & Awake During Medical Procedures, but otherwise the surgery imagery gets good outcomes (reduced pain, anxiety, blood loss, need for analgesic medication, and length of hospital stay, even when only listened to an average of 2.5 times before the operation).
If you want something to speed up and support post-op healing, I would suggest Dr. Carol Ginandes’ Rapid Recovery From Injury, which has a host of hypnotic exercises for healing, for pain, and for imagining your fully recovered self.  Guided imagery just for pain would be either my Guided Imagery To Ease Pain or Emmett Miller’s Reducing And Relieving Pain.
The format you want is MP3 in the dropdown box.
Sounds like recent times haven’t exactly been a day at the beach for you.  I wish you great good luck with this.
Kindest regards,
PS. If you end up deciding you’d also like some guided imagery for pain, then I’d consider just subscribing to our app, which offers our entire catalog of 260+ audios – that way, oddly enough, you would save cost by subscribing to everything we’ve got.

My husband recently had emergency surgery, and now faces open heart surgery in the near future.  I have had him listening to Cardiac ICU & Rehab.  I just ordered a new copy of your Surgery recording.  Should he be listening to that instead of the Cardiac, or in addition to?  Thank you! Marcia

Hi, Marcia.

A couple weeks before the surgery, he could switch to the Successful Surgery audio, or alternate the Cardiac ICU & Rehab audio with the surgery imagery, and that would work fine.   Then after the surgery, starting in the stepdown unit if he feels like it, he could go back to the ICU/Rehab audio.  Best of luck to him (and you)!

(Just so you know, the surgery imagery got dramatic results in randomized, controlled trials (lowered pre-op and post-op anxiety, blood loss, length of stay, use of opioids and analgesics, and cost per procedure) with an average listening of 2.5 times before the surgery, which ain’t much. I recommend more than that, because he has the time, but it’s good to know that a little goes a long way.)

All best,

P.S. If you’d like to experience Dr. Emmett Miller’s new Overcoming Viral Infection guided imagery for yourself, you can listen today by subscribing to the Health Journeys app, where you’ll get access to upcoming audio releases before anyone else!

This audio is specifically targeted to give your immune system a boost, support you in treatment, and help you regain a sense of control and agency over your recovery from viral infections — from the garden-variety flu to the coronavirus, and everything in between.

Plus, stay tuned NEXT WEEK for more information and the wide release of this much-requested audio!