A New Ask BR and the Wisest Ways to Use Virus-Fighting, Cellular Guided Imagery

Dear Belleruth,

I’ve been listening to you since I discovered you in 2008. My clients and friends have also been listening, since I often bring a boom box to the hospital or session and play a part of One of your CDs( that certainly dates me- the boom box and the CDs!) I think you knew my friend Bob, a social worker, and when his wife was going through a bone marrow transplant, she used your guided imagery. One social worker friend who got an immunization induced variant of shingles couldn’t sleep until I brought over your guided imagery. She jokes about going to bed with Bella.

I wanted you to know how much I respect your work and responses to feedback. I often work with women who are having a high-risk pregnancy after the loss of one or more pregnancies or children. Unbeknownst to me, someone gave a client your pregnancy CDs that triggered her. I told her about your veteran CD and encouraged her to contact you. She was so gratified by your response - validated and heard.

I have not heard your guided imagery for Viruses. I did not want to listen to it without asking you about what you are saying. Some of My clients (and I) have autoimmune overreactions to triggers.

These can be 4 days of a full GI response and other dramatic excessive physical responses. One of the issues with COVID is an over-response to the virus that can “white-out” the lungs and cause severe complications. I can’t recommend your imagery unless I know what you are saying. I am too conditioned to your voice to listen to it.

I’m not sure I’m being clear but I hope so. Could you help me know more about this new guided imagery?



Hello Karen,

Yes, I seem to be sleeping with a variety of people these days! Shameless!! I’m glad to hear it. Thank you for telling me.

Yes, I’m very aware of these concerns. This new imagery is strictly for people who want to prevent and resist acquiring the infection, or who are in the very early stages of fighting the disease. It would not be good for anything else, as the cytokine storm that can occur in the later stages is as dangerous as the virus.

Also, just to be clear, this is not my imagery or voice – it was created and narrated by Dr. Emmett Miller, and it is designed to juice up the immune system and keep it actively protecting the body (in appropriately protective ways, of course.)

I created some imagery for supporting a healthy immune system a while back, and that pays a little more attention to keeping autoimmune reactions under good control.

But as you know, general guided imagery that reduces stress, promotes wellness, self-esteem, and nourishes a sense of purpose and meaning is also wonderful for promoting a healthy immune response, and I’d stick to that if you’ve got some auto-immune triggering in your history.

And if you want to check out a state-of-the-art virtual conference that distinguishes between the overblown, indiscriminate immune response, and the central switch that contains it that overreaction, you might enjoy the AWCIM talks here– particularly the description by immunologist/virologist Randy Horowitz of how the cells behave, and the supplements and herbal approaches that work with that central switch by Lise Alschuler.

I hope this is useful. Best wishes – here’s to your health!