We’re all very happy to announce that our Virginia Tech page is now up and running, in time for the start of the new semester. Please help us get the word out.. This week, we had a happy confluence of pregnancy-related questions, stories and research all show up in our HJ mailbox. So this week’s content has self-organized around the theme of pregnancy and birth. I’m even recycling a wonderful Inspiring Story about using Therapeutic Touch during labor, in honor of the topic and to bring in another set of tools, courtesy of the holistic arts.

We’re all very happy to announce that our Virginia Tech page is now up and running, in time for the start of the new semester. The page both explains the nature of acute & traumatic stress, and offers several free downloads of basic, quick, easy self-regulation tools, such as conscious breathing, meditation and relaxation, as well as targeted guided imagery exercises, for help with sleep, panic, grief, stress and trauma.

Please help us get the word out to those who could use this, if you know anyone at VT. Our software recognizes email addresses with vt.edu, and randomly generates free passcodes for students, faculty and staff. Referrals to the page will also come from the counseling center, but we all know nothing beats word-of-mouth.

And more cause for celebration! The badly missed journal, Advances in Mind-Body Medicine is back, and in a new, classy, digital format. And better yet, Editor Sheldon Lewis tells us that this first issue is all about guided imagery, with a guest editorial by interactive guided imagery pioneer, Martin Rossman MD, on why guided imagery belongs in surgery. There’s original research by Deborah Schwab and her Blue Shield of California team, describing the benefits of dispensing guided imagery to members facing surgery, in the context of a health plan. (In fact, Blue Shield used Successful Surgery with such happy results that the results made news long before it got published.) And there’s an interview with guided imagery researcher, Howard Hall PhD, of University Hospitals of Cleveland, on his seminal research with imagery, long before most of us had a clue. So do check it out and if you can do it, subscribe to this terrific journal.

Do check out our New Product Section for all the new stuff we’re adding .. terrific, new titles by David Illig; our new Panic Attack imagery; KRS Edstrom’s new relaxation CD; and our Military Stress Hardiness Kit... among other things.

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well.