I’ve again been reviewing resources for the next catalog… Because I personally review everything we ultimately include on our pages, I go over everything very carefully and at least twice, mixing up the order.. I’ve again been reviewing resources for the catalog that will coming out in a few months. We had an unsual number of CDs, videos and DVDs submitted for review - hundreds, in fact. Because I personally examine and take responsibility for everything we ultimately include on our pages, I go over everything very carefully and at least twice, mixing up the order so I can be fair and get a fresh take on each item the second time around (I used to do this when grading graduate papers, come to think of it. The system has merit in that I at least get to test my own internal consistency, for whatever that’s worth... of course, you’re still stuck with my opinions, biases and tastes, but at least they’re not random..)

And if I’m given several titles in a series, I feel I must listen to each one, to make sure those have internal consistency, too - I’ve come across some collections by fine practitioners that were still so uneven in production quality, that we’ve had to cherry pick the well-made ones and forget the rest. We can’t assume everything is all up to the same standard. And on the other hand, some series that boast different titles and presumably different topics might wind up being exactly the same recording, only with a different introductory and concluding sentence. That really frosts me, it’s such a rip-off to the end user who thinks he’s purchasing two or three different items.. but it also means I have to listen to each one to ensure that’s not the case. It’s very disappointing when I can’t include a set of recordings on badly needed topics for that reason. (That was one of the many things I loved about Jean-Luc Mommaerts’ work - the guy has multo CDs on a bazillion health challenges - enough to make your head spin - but each and every one is entirely unique, and skillfully addresses the health issue at hand.)

But the main difficulty I have reviewing so many of these relaxation, hypnosis and imagery audios, for weeks at a time, is that even the less skillful ones that wind up in the "no" pile can zone me out - I’m a fairly cheap date when it comes to this stuff - and then I’m in no shape to evaluate them (let alone hold a reasonable conversation). So, in order to return to (relative) compus mentus status, I have to regularly take a walk & visit my swan(s), make a sandwich, call a friend or do a stretch. It makes for long days, with all the interruptions, I don’t mind telling you! But, never mind - I’m done for this round! And I’m delighted to say we’ve got some truly superb and amazing new goodies to offer you for next time around, and you’ll be hearing about them when we’ve solidified our picks and talked to the practitioners and publishers.

OK, now it’s back to researching and writing my Parkinsons Disease imagery.

Take care and be well,