3 New Spanish Meditations for Trauma, Weight Loss, & Cancer... And One of Them Is Just in Time for Carolina’s Mom

As we continue focusing on keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy and well, this seasonal change into fall seems to have come surprisingly fast. It is amazing how quickly time seems to pass by when we are so consumed in just making our day-to-day work. For me recently, a significant part of that fleeting time has been concentrated on supporting my mom with a new medical diagnosis… breast cancer.  

The news came as a complete surprise to her and to us, her family. But even so, witnessing how she has managed every aspect of the cancer label has been inspiring: the series of chemotherapy treatments, and the myriad physical and mental changes that have come with the diagnosis... not because she has made it all look easy, but because she has faced them with deep reflection, authenticity, and humor. 

Intent on helping herself deal with this big life change and optimize the efforts of her medical team, my mom, a nurse of 55+ years, asked me for tools that might support her with the cancer treatments and help her feel good inside.  

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