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Cindy Stalnaker

  1. Thanks for All the Feedback!

    Thanks very much for all the comments, suggestions and critiques from people about their experiences with cancer treatment. There was a real consistency to them that, sadly, reflect we have a long ways to go still.  If oncology professionals have anything to add, please don’t hold back!  I’ll make good use of the feedback at the meeting I’ll be attending next week.

    And speaking of oncology, do take a look at this week’s Hot Research.  It’s pretty exciting.  I don’t remember ever seeing this impressive a panel of bloodwork measures to test immune function after using relaxation and guided imagery – and the results are pretty terrific!  Pretty soon even the naysayers will be sitting up and taking notice.

    The original article requesting cancer care feedback (as well as the reader comments that ensued) can be found here.

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  2. When All Is Said & Done, Folks, Anxiety Is Anxiety!!

    Dear Belleruth, thank you so much for your work. I am in the process of conquering anxiety and my therapist suggested I explore some of your Health Journeys. I love listening and repeating the affirmations in my car on my way to work. I notice a difference already only after 3 days!

    I was not officially diagnosed with OCD but was told by my doctor that I have OCD tendencies. Would it be alright for me to use the OCD imagery or is this only for people who have been officially diagnosed? Also, I suffer from health anxiety.  Do you have any specific recommendations for dealing with this form of anxiety? Thank you again, you have been an integral part of my transition and healing.  




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  3. Guided Imagery Up-Regulates Anti-Cancer Defenses in Breast Cancer Patients

    Researchers from United Lincolnshire Hospitals and Queen's Medical Centre in the UK  performed a randomized, controlled trial to evaluate the immuno-modulatory effects of relaxation training and guided imagery on 80 women with breast cancer.

    Patients underwent chemotherapy followed by surgery, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy. Those in the intervention group were taught relaxation and guided imagery. Patients kept diaries of the frequency of relaxation practice and imagery vividness.

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