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  1. Strictly for You


    clinicians combo

    We’ve created a new Clinician’s Combo for Healthy Weight (clinicians and health care practitioners only).

    This special set includes our audios for Weight Loss, Healthful Sleep and Relieve Stress by Belleruth Naparstek, as well as Creating Positive Change, Healthy Weight & Body Image and Healthy Weight & Body Image during Sleep by Dr. Traci Stein.

    All six titles together for $ 65.93 (CD) normally $109.88
    Get all six digital for $44.33 (Digital) normally $73.88


    Trending Now: Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    seed sproutsSpring is here, and with it, a surge in energy and an itch for behavioral change. Health and wellness is becoming a significant topic of interest; especially in regard to reaching a healthy weight.

    Why this particular bundle? Many of you are already aware of the research showing that with stress and insufficient sleep, there’s a tendency to gain weight.  Also noteworthy: Traci Stein addresses body dysmorphia and disordered eating like few others. For all these clinically sound reasons, we’ve put these titles together for you:
    Weight Loss by Belleruth Naparstek
    Healthful Sleep by Belleruth Naparstek
    Creating Positive Change by Dr. Traci Stein
    Relieve Stress by Belleruth Naparstek
    Healthy Weight & Body Image by Dr. Traci Stein
    Healthy Weight & Body Image during Sleep by Dr. Traci Stein
    Our enthusiastic listeners tell us that these titles catalyze and support desired changes in healthful eating, body image, physical activity, general outlook and self-care. 
    And as Dr. Traci Stein herself so eloquently puts it, "Your healthiest weight is the one that honors your inherent worth and keeps your body strong, mind sharp, and emotions balanced.”
    Her extraordinary programs are designed to*:

    • Help the listener achieve a healthy weight and support good eating and exercise habits.
    • Increase insight into the unconscious and/or unhealthy uses of food and weight.
    • Foster a loving appreciation of the body, even if behavior changes are desired.
    • Help make behavior changes easier and more instinctive.
    • Enhance feelings of self-acceptance, safety and emotional centering through mindfulness and loving kindness exercises.
    • Enhance confidence and decrease production of stress hormones using scientifically-supported 'power-posing' exercises.

    (*from Maggie DeMellier’s post A Midsummer Night’s (and Day’s) Dream)
    And don’t forget – we have other fabulous library sets available year round at terrific discounts.

    Please call or email me anytime for your professional needs. I’m listening. We wish you the joy of re-birth and thorough enjoyment of a wonderful spring!

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  2. Private Label Downloads – Now Easy for All


    We are utterly elated to announce our new and improved Private Label Download Launch. 

    We can now give you a quick, easy, low-cost way to provide our guided imagery and meditation downloads to the people you serve, whether they are iPhone and iDevice users or Droid People, Mac or PC peeps…..

    This new platform works whether you’re part of a hospital, clinic, group practice, social service agency, health spa, EAP, student health department, executive coaching service, cancer treatment center, etc.

    Here’s how it works:

    • We build your organization a custom page, with your messaging and brand.
    • You pre-select the downloads that, in your considered opinion, your people need most.
    • We offer budget-friendly, quantity pricing for them, starting with a minimum order of 500 downloads.You send your people to the page, where they have free access to the titles you recommend.  
    • The downloads are equally accessible to iPhones and other iDevices as they are to Android users and desktops, thanks to our new app. (
    • We support ongoing success by sharing back-end data to help you adjust your selections, tweak your messaging and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

    Simply put, it allows you a quick, easy and low-cost way to get the audio downloads you’ve pre-selected into the ears of the people you serve, at no cost to them and at way discounted cost to you.

    A sample page of what we could build gives you the idea.  Check it out and all will be revealed. (You'll need this passcode to get into it: HJTrialPage )

    (p.s. We also have a fantastic new app for iDevice users that purchase individual downloads – check out the details here if you’re interested:

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  3. Julie Lusk’s Long-Awaited Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra Audios Are Here!

    Julie Lusk’s Long-Awaited Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra Audios Are Here!

    In other news, we’re pumped to add Julie Lusk’s two new guided meditation audio titles to our library.  As many of you already know, Julie is a well-known author, guided imagery trainer, yoga instructor and stress reduction expert, whose latest titles are Guided Mindfulness Meditations: Practicing Presence & Finding Peace and Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Renewal.

    Several of you have already asked about how these differ from Traci Stein’s new mindfulness offerings – Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment and Mindful Meditation Mix.  Great question!  Mindfulness takes many forms, and there’s something for everyone in the marvelous range it covers.

    Basically, Traci’s work is psychologically geared, and deploys all therapeutic nuances of her training as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, focusing brilliantly on issues of self-esteem, attitude change and motivation for new behavior.  Her soothing, hypnotic pacing and poetic language reflect this approach and know-how. (Listen to an audio sample)

    On the other hand, Julie’s work reflects her decades of work as a brilliant yoga teacher, with mindfulness content that focuses on body awareness, physical sensation and supreme knowledge of how to position the body.  From this centered core of body awareness, she leads listeners into organic behavior and attitude change.  The Yoga Nidra has its own centuries-old logic and structure that works like a charm every time. (Listen to an audio sample)

    Julie’s pacing is a little faster than Traci’s, her narrative more conversational and less immersive.  This will suit some people who don’t want to get too relaxed – we’ve sometimes found this preference among some of our service personnel, who enjoy the peppier pace.

    In all, we’re thrilled about the variety of options we can offer you and the people you serve.
    As always, feel free to call us with your questions or to get our take on your unique practice or facility.

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  4. Good News! CDs Are On Their Way!

    Good News! CDs Are On Their Way!

    The two new Self-Compassion audio programs Traci mentions here, as well as her third new title, Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment, will be available in CD format by May 16th. As you probably know, they're already available as downloads.  We’ve been eagerly awaiting these superb, new hard copies in our warehouse, ever since Traci first recorded them in her impeccable style, and you can find full descriptions in our new catalog, just released last month.

    Finally, we have plenty of new print catalogs, as well as guided imagery prescription pads and smart, new bookmarks for you and those you serve, so please let me know if you’d like a supply shipped to you!

    Everyone here at Health Journeys hopes you know how much we appreciate the critical work you do.  Our professionals are the backbone of our company, and we want support you in any way we can.

    Happy Spring!


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  5. New Catalogs ...And Why This One Is Important!

    New Catalogs ...And Why This One Is Important!

    We're very excited around here, (albeit a bit bleary-eyed from proofing!) about our newest catalog - coming out later this month! This one is particularly special because it contains so many brand new offerings.

    I'm sure that, as practitioners, you're acutely aware of all that no-good negative self-talk floating around out there. The newest guided imagery by Dr. Traci Stein on Self-Compassion is already destined to be a hit. Love mindfulness? We have new stand-alone stuff in this category from Julie Lusk, Tara Brach, Traci Stein, and a great Mindfulness Mix - featuring Belleruth and Traci. Happily, this is just a sample of all the great new items sprinkled throughout the pages of the latest catalog.
    I encourage you to email or call me with your needed quantities and shipping address so that you and the people you serve have quick, in-your-hand access to it all.

    bookmark  prescription padWhile you're at it, we're also providing bookmarks and guided imagery "prescription" pads - free of course - something handy so you can jot down your favorites to your clients and patients, before sending them off to our website or telephone line (both of which appear right at the bottom of these sheets).

    As always, I'm looking forward to hearing from you all, and touching base. We really do appreciate the great work you do.


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  6. Thanksgiving - a Season of Gratitude

    Thanksgiving - a Season of Gratitude

    This week, we join millions across our country in celebrating that singularly American holiday, Thanksgiving. With all due respect to our northern neighbors, who have a wonderful celebration every October – it really all began here, nearly four hundred years ago.

    So while we have visions of roasted turkeys, glazed hams, stuffing and pumpkin pie dancing in our heads, I wanted to take a minute to talk about the reason for this season: gratitude.

    It can be truly difficult to practice gratefulness with world and local affairs plaguing our days with stories of woe and strife, injustices and pain. Moreover, we have our own personal challenges, from the mere annoying to the heart wrenching, bring-us-to-our-knees type. Add to that often frustrating family dynamics, or even missing family members – and anyone may find it hard to be thankful this holiday.

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  7. Alzheimer's Disease and Our Nation's Caregivers

    Alzheimer's Disease and Our Nation's Caregivers

    I was driving home from work tonight, and saw the old Cleveland landmark, Terminal Tower lit up purple.  It's pink in October for breast cancer, orange for home Browns games, and changes throughout the year based on whatever awareness, events or causes are being highlighted.  So this evening, I was certain the color was for Alzheimer's awareness.  It rang a chord with me, since just a few short months ago, my mother was formally diagnosed with the disease.

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  8. What Can I Do with My Download?

    What Can I Do with My Download?

    Hi, everyone!

    We are often asked what is exactly the legal and proper use of our downloads by our professional members.  At times, we are also asked this by our general consumers.  I’m here to share the nitty gritty details, as well as offer a few ideas.

    First, it should be noted that the license associated with these audios is for an individual.  What this means is, when you download one of our audios, you are free to use this on your pc, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, phone or even to burn a blank CD for yourself.  Many people make use of all of these media methods and hardware (I know I do!). 

    These downloads are great for use in the clinical setting when playing them for your client during a therapy session, or to offer a sample listen while a patient is with you.  They are even great for playing in a group session!  Those of you who have seen Belleruth live know what I’m talking about, and how simply powerful that use can be.

    Now, that being said, it’s important to note that the following actions are completely illegal and against the copyright:

    • Burning a blank CD of the downloaded audio tracks and giving it to someone else for their use.
    • Forwarding a digital copy of the audio to someone else for their use – this can be via email, cloud storage, USB drives, etc.
    • Loading the audio on ANY peer-to-peer network, and sharing same with others.
    • Loading the audio on to your personal YouTube, Vimeo, etc. channels – or any web-based host where others have access.
    • Using the audio in any form on any closed-circuit audio or visual host in a physician’s or therapist’s office, hospital rooms, and the like.

    Ultimately, if you have a question about the use of our audios – please give us a call to ask. The financial and time investment made to produce these audios is enormous.  Please help us to keep these great works at a reasonable price to you.

    Oh, I almost forgot!  If you join our professional program via the online portal, you can ALWAYS gift a download to your patient or client for 10 percent off the regular rate.  The online application, where you choose your own login and password can be found here:

    Feel free to contact me anytime about this issue. Thank you for referencing our authors’ names when playing their work publicly – and thank you for continuing to be the backbone of the Health Journeys family.  Talk to you soon!


    (P.S. these rules hold true even if you purchase our audios from iTunes or Google Play – thanks!)

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  9. The Painful Truth about Headaches – and Some Help

    It’s funny, when you’re in severe pain, you tend to feel isolated and alone. When in truth, millions may currently be feeling or have felt the way you do.  This is arguably never more true than when it comes to severe headaches.

    According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), more than 45 million Americans have headaches severe enough to require the help of a health care professional. The toll on the economy from migraines alone is immense—direct costs (from prescription drugs, outpatient expenses, and emergency room and inpatient care) are estimated at $11 billion and indirect costs (such as missed work days) may exceed $12 billion annually. Migraine headaches also cause an annual loss of 157 million workdays.

    As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, at one point in college my headaches became so severe, I was forced to take a summer semester off (one that I had planned classes for) as I simply couldn’t function. I had rebound headaches from medications, in addition to the original debilitating migraines.  After a week’s stint in a head pain and neurological institute, I learned many things, was weaned off of medications and began to master biofeedback.  This was my introduction to complementary medicine and its effect on chronic medical problems.

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  10. Our New Website is Live! We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

    It’s been an exciting week here at Health Journeys, and hopefully you have noticed our new online look.  Thanks to some wonderful team members and efforts by the entire cast and crew, we’re enjoying the increased speed, efficiency and clean lines of our new website.  Our original site was a gift to Belleruth Naparstek from her son Aaron, nearly twenty years ago. My my, how times have changed.

    We all know how good change can be, but that doesn’t keep it from sometimes aggravating us at the start!  Like any new project or product, there will be some minor glitches and tweaks that need to be remedied, and that’s where you come in. We are humbly asking for your feedback and ideas, as we make the site easier and more friendly for our family of customers and clients.  You can let us know your thoughts below here in the comments, or shoot us an email at [email protected], and we promise to read every one and to respond to you individually.

    As you take a look around, we hope you notice the easier-to-read format, and especially the new online shopping cart (it’s our staff’s favorite change!).
    Meanwhile, I’m listening to Traci Stein’s Creating Positive Change this morning, and reminding myself that with change, there comes growth and opportunity.  Have a wonderful week!

    Elizabeth, and the Staff here at HJ

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