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Mellisa Dormoy

  1. The Power of Guided Imagery for the ADHD Child

    The Power of Guided Imagery for the ADHD Child

    Imagine for a moment, your ADHD child completely relaxed and calm, breathing deeply and extremely focused on an amazingly vivid image being described. Now, imagine that the imagery not only helped your child be more in control and feel better about himself, but also helped improve grades, focus and concentration and even helped homework get done without the fuss. Imagine a happier, calmer child. This is the same child - your child - after practicing regularly with guided imagery, specifically tailored to ADHD and very active children.
    Guided imagery works with the power of your child’s subconscious mind.  It works to heal broken or lowered self-esteem, and teach your child positive solutions for everyday living. It can help your child understand the gifts that lie beneath the label of ADHD.  Using specific imagery created for ADHD kids, nightly listening will help your child increase self-esteem and learn to manage everyday challenges. Your child will actually get to mentally experience situations and results in a positive way – learning how to respond and react in healthy ways that reinforce the gifts while lessening some of more challenging characteristics of ADHD. Children get to feel more in control, while learning how to be in control of themselves. They learn about taking responsibility for actions, thinking things through before acting, managing bodily movements and how to stay focused and concentrated – all by using relaxing guided imagery before bed.

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  2. Kids' Anger - Helping your Child Respond Rather than React

    Kids' Anger - Helping your Child Respond Rather than React

    Anger isn’t a negative emotion. In fact, it’s a normal and natural one. It produces very real and measurable physical and chemical changes within our bodies – changes in breathing, faster beating of our hearts and skin changes. Hormones are released into the body as well, the same hormones that are active in the fight-or-flight response.

    It is not anger itself that causes children to act aggressively or inappropriately. It’s their response to that anger that can cause this. If we’re not careful to help them manage the anger, children can simply fall into the habit of being angry. It becomes a comfortable place for them because they have not actually learned to deal with their anger. But you can help your child to manage anger and strong feelings easily.

    In order to do so, we must help our own child become familiar with his personal anger triggers. Then we can discuss strategies such as counting before reacting, taking deep breaths and even spending some time thinking things out before reacting. Include talking it out constructively as a foundational strategy. Thus, we teach our children to respond to the feelings of anger rather than reacting too quickly to it and lashing out. It’s important to point out that once we allow our anger to take over, the primitive part of the brain is in charge – we can no longer think as clearly or rationally, so we must first help our kids learn to identify the feeling of anger coming on, by understanding the physical responses to the feeling of anger.  Once children are able to identify the rising feelings, they will be more effective at dealing with and diffusing the anger.

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  3. Health Journeys Contributors - Meet Mellisa Dormoy

    Health Journeys Contributors - Meet Mellisa Dormoy

    Hello! I am so grateful to be a part of Health Journeys and all the wonderful products they offer. Sometimes browsing the site feels like being a kid in a candy store for lovers of guided imagery and meditation!

    My name is Mellisa Dormoy and I am the writer and voice behind Shambala Teens Cds and founder of ShambalaKids. I love our youth. They are the builders of our tomorrow, the next keepers of light. And so, there is nothing more personally satisfying or encouraging to me than when I hear a parent tell me how their child has been deeply moved and helped by what I do.

    I have a degree in Psychology and was trained as a hypnotist in NYC through the National Guild of Hypnotists. I later did a specialization in pediatric hypnotherapy because I love kids so much. I continue my education with CEUs in guided imagery, ADHD hypnotherapy and other workshops that enable me help teens and children even more.  

    Having my own children gave me the opportunity to hone my skills, and it is they who continually inspire me to create more. Today, in addition to continually expanding our line of CDs and program offerings at ShambalaKids, I also train others to teach children’s relaxation and meditation. In this way, I continue my great love affair with guided imagery and meditation, and the positive, transformational affects they have on us and our families.

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