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  1. New Self-Esteem CDs in Warehouse; Free Sleep App in Store

     Well, they’re here: the new Self-Esteem (please link and show covers) CDs by Traci Stein are in the warehouse, and pre-orders are being fulfilled now.  We’ve seen such strong interest in this topic, we’re happy to have something this good.  

    And since one of the signature effects of depression is a distorted and negative self-concept, I hope people will consider listening to this imagery in addition to our Ease Depression (please link and show cover) imagery, perhaps along with our audio program for Anger & Forgiveness (please link and show cover).  That would make for a great combination.  

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  2. Recovery via Fly Fishing for Wounded Warriors


    This week’s inspiring story comes from a letter we received from Sandy Stutz with Project Healing Waters - a group of fantastic folks who are dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active duty military personnel and veterans through fly fishing education and outings. We donated some guided imagery to the program and she was writing to say thank you. 

    Dear Belleruth:

    For the past 4 years, my husband and I have produced the Falling Spring Invitational Fly Fishing Outing for wounded warriors in Central Pennsylvania.  Thank you for your support with these special De-Stress and Healing Trauma CDs, which we tucked into the gift tables of our warriors as they departed the outing and headed back to Walter Reed. From conversations with the troops, we discovered that guided imagery was not an option normally afforded them – only meds. Thank you for enabling me to be a small part of the program to share your works on a personal basis to these warriors.... 


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  3. Another Relaxed Surgery Patient…


    This message to you is overdue, nonetheless I am thrilled to be sending it to you.

    Back in January I was scheduled for surgery…. my first surgery ever.  And I was confused and scared. 

    I purchased the imagery re: Successful Surgery and listened to it about 4 times in the 10 days I had until the dreaded surgery date.  By the time I arrived at the hospital I felt relaxed and comfortable knowing that I was in good medical hands with a good team, and, sure enough, all turned out very well.

    For me this was certainly a lifesaver. I will recommend to others.  



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  4. For Chronic Pain, Mindfulness Approaches Are as Effective as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Researchers from the University of Twente in The Netherlands assessed the effects of acceptance-based interventions on patients with chronic pain. [Acceptance-based interventions such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are alternative therapies for cognitive behavioral therapy for treating chronic pain patients.]  

    The investigators conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled and non-controlled studies that reported effects on mental and physical health of pain patients. All studies were rated for quality.  Primary outcomes measured were pain intensity and depression. Secondary outcomes measured were anxiety, physical well-being and quality of life. 

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  5. Walking Meditation along the Shore of Nantucket Sound

    Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard.  I’m originally from Massachusetts, and I’ve been coming to this island every summer but one since 1967 – yikes, that’s 54 years! But the  beauty and sensory impact of this place still surprises me each time I return.  I just went for my first walk along the shore of Nantucket Sound.  It was an overcast morning with a light, salty mist, so it’s like getting a spa facial spray (only gentler) as you walk along to the soft rhythm of waves lapping the shore.  Sea birds and ducks sit in quiet dignity out on the rocks, patiently waiting for the day to start in earnest.

    The other side of the road is bursting with wild, natural growth: beach plum shrubs competing for real estate with honeysuckle, cranberry bushes, salt spray roses and wild grasses. Crazy, fragrant beauty!  …even in this color-subduing mist, it’s a jumble of vibrant blossoms of fuchsia, yellow, orange, pink and white, surrounded by 20 shades of green. (There’s also a devil-may-care strain of poison ivy scalloping the road, and the stuff that grows here is so potent, it’s to be stepped around ever so respectfully.  I once tumbled into it from my bike, and kept the dermatologist busy for a good 6 months.) 

    So that’s evolved into my morning meditation here, and it’s a no-brainer to just take in these sights, sounds, smells, tastes and skin sensations at least once a day.  Rain or shine, it clears my brain.  

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  6. A Cancer Survivor Tells of Many Gifts Received

    Dear Belleruth,

    I have promised myself while I have a little time that I would write to you about a gift you gave to me during my cancer treatment, eleven years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer late in 1998. It turned out to be very aggressive, in my lymph nodes, mandating a mastectomy, chemo and radiation - and subsequent hormonal treatments. 

    During the initial phase, a social worker suggested that I have a mentor for the journey. I accepted. I am a psychotherapist and I felt that someone that I trusted to walk my journey with me would be wonderful. She was a great guide and gift. She gave me your Chemotherapy tape on a tape recording (pirated, I am sorry to say). I didn't even know it was you and just ordered the actual tape, which I had bought earlier and given to others, assuming it was the same tape, to listen to again. 

    But this tape, on the chemotherapy guided imagery side, was the one I listened to every night. I started by finding a special place and people that I knew and loved joined me in it. Over the months, more and more people came, then animals, then insects, birds, reptiles, fish, then historical people, than the trees, the earth, the air and the rocks made themselves known, finally the fairies and guides came. After a year of listening, I had a full, very full complement surrounding me - and I stopped listening. 

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  7. Incest Survivor Finds Trauma Imagery Scary


    I tried using the guided meditation in the Healing Trauma CD and had a very uncomfortable, scary, physical experience, so I shut it off. My body went into a shut down mode when it heard the music, which was staccato-y and unlike the music I was used to hearing on some of your other CDs I've heard before, which were very relaxing. 

    You said early on this CD that everything on it had a purpose, so I figured there was a particular reason why you had this background music. Have you heard of this reaction before from others? 

    Is it set up to possibly evoke some underlying response or shift if needed for the individual? Does this mean I should not use this particular CD or go through the experience it is evoking if I feel up to it? 

    Would there be a better one for me to use to heal trauma deep-seated from childhood incest, emotional/verbal abuse? I have forgotten my childhood between the ages of 3-12 yrs old, except for a few isolated incidents. I am working with a therapist. 

    Would appreciate a response as soon as possible, as this is borrowed from the library. Thank you very much! I love your other anxiety/stress/sleep cds but I wanted to release at a deeper level. What suggestions do you have.?


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  8. Imagery Learned in Chemo Keeps Her Centered & Sober

    We love this story because it shows how guided imagery (and other mind body practices) can provide lasting tools that cross over into other spheres of living.  This woman was introduced to it for use during chemotherapy, but it wound up as part of her skill set to stay centered and sober:

    Thanks to Mary Ann Brussat, I used your tapes during chemotherapy 6 years ago.  Like many others, I found the visualization practices powerful and effective.  

    Since then, I have become a member of AA and have used the same summoning of my AA helpers when I am in an environment in which I would formerly have had a drink.  I summon my AA group members, one by one, and surround myself with them in a circle of safety.   I feel cared for and strong and protected.

    Anonymously Grateful

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  9. Imaginal Rehearsal Got Him Singing at Open Mike Night

     I am a 24 year old singer whose day job is delivering packages. I love to sing.  I am told I have a really good voice and enough talent to make it professionally. 

    I had been trying to work up the guts to audition at various local venues or get up for open mike nights at a few clubs in my area. Only problem – just the thought of doing this terrified me. I could not bring myself to do it, I was that paralyzed with fear.

    I started working with a personal coach, a friend of my sister’s, who got me into using my imagination to rehearse in my mind all the particulars of singing in front of a crowd. I worked with him for 4 weeks, and the change was downright amazing. 

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  10. Hypnosis Is Good For Healthy Women

    Investigators from Marquette University’s Nurse-Midwifery Program in Milwaukee examined the physiological and psychological effects of hypnosis on healthy women.

    A convenience sample of 30 healthy, female volunteers, not pregnant, predominantly White and college students listened to a 30-minute recording of relaxing, affirming hypnotic suggestions while sitting comfortably in a recliner. 

    Hypnotizability and trait anxiety were measured at baseline. Tension-anxiety was measured at baseline and following the hypnotic induction. Heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability were collected before, during, and following the hypnosis. 

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