Hello, Health Journeys!

I had been dealing with infertility for almost four years. After the first dismal try (and “failure”, as they like to call it) with IVF, I realized I was going to need help, because the whole process was upsetting, and I wanted to be able to stick it out.  I was feeling discouraged, depressed and, in a way, disabled. I began searching the web for books, CDs and videos that could help me cope.
Before beginning the second round of IVF, I purchased your CD, Help for Fertility.  I listened to it every night before falling asleep.  It brought me a great sense of calmness and hope.  I know you could argue with me about this, but I think this relaxing, positive imagery helped me get pregnant.

I’m now 4 months pregnant!  No doubt there were many other factors that came into play, but this CD was definitely one positive tool that helped me.

I know there’s no right formula for dealing with infertility and its treatment. It’s a grueling, disturbing process, filled with intense ups and downs.  But if you can keep yourself centered, calm and steady enough to withstand all the tries and disappointments, then, it probably will happen. Good-luck and big hugs to anyone who is dealing with this!

Marianne (and Jim)