Got Anything for Post-Prostate Surgery Erectile Dysfunction?

A man who had prostate surgery over a year ago is having difficulty with erections, though the surgeon says the relevant nerves were spared.. Question:

My husband had surgery for prostate cancer 13 months ago. Although the doctor said the nerves were spared, erections simply don''t happen. Do you have anything for erectile dysfunction? Thanks!


Dear Barbara,

This could be a situation where the problem at the beginning was caused by the temporary surgical trauma to the area, but this may have led to a some understandable anxiety and impatience in your husband (Am I ever going to work right again??) and some psychological overlay.

Sexual IntimacyIf this is psychologically driven at this point, you may want to try Emmett and Sandra Miller''s CD set, Sexual Intimacy. It could help you both relax a little more and enjoy the experience of being together sexually in whatever form it takes for now.
Maintaining Pleasure
Another excellent source of help might be Lonnie Barbach''s and Joel Block''s Maintaining Pleasure: End Erectile Dysfunction, also a double CD set. Both of these are expertly, tastefully and sensitively done.

And you may want to get another opinion, from a doc who didn''t do the surgery, who has no axe to grind, about the status of these nerve endings. This could clarify and reassure you both.

Best of luck with this,